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In order to treat lazy eye, the doctor has to identify and treat underlying causes. Depending on these underlying causes, the doctor may recommend surgical or nonsurgical treatments

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Q: How is lazy eye treated by doctors?
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How is lazy eye treated?

maybe, it depends

How is lazy eye treated in alternative medicine?

The following alternative methods may complement conventional treatment of lazy eye. However, they are not replacements for conventional treatments.

How can you get a lazy eye?

you can get a lazy eye if the thing that connects the eye to hold it up grows little

Did John F. Kennedy have a lazy eye?

It appears he does have a lazy eye in some pictures of him.

Can you fix a dogs lazy eye?

A dogs lazy eye can be fixed by putting a patch over the strong eye. this will force to dog to use its weak lazy eye and will make it stronger and hopefully straighten its eye.

Who sings lazy eye music in Chevy commercial?

Lazy Eye is sung by the Silversun Pickups.

Are there glasses you can get to straighten a lazy eye?

yes ! there is I have a lazy eye and wearing glasses help ittremendously

What are the release dates for Eye for an Eye - 2003 Lazy Mechanic?

Eye for an Eye - 2003 Lazy Mechanic was released on: USA: 21 November 2005

Can you wear contact lenses with a lazy eye?

yes you can, i have a lazy eye and wear contact lenses they are amazing

What is lazy eye?

A lazy eye is when it turns out or in when the other one is still looking forward. It can sometimes be corrected at an early age by patching the good eye so the muscle in the lazy eye becomes stronger. Our son had to have his surgically straightened. Just because the eye is lazy doesn't always mean the vision is compromised.

What does lazy eye do?

The impairment of vision in the lazy eye occurs in three phases. In the first (suspension) phase, the brain turns the weaker eye on and off. In the second (suppression) phase, the brain turns off the lazy eye indefinitely.

Has Ed Sheeran got something wrong with his left eye?

Yes, he has a lazy eye due to a detached retina. When it healed it gave him a lazy eye.

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