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How is length and volume alike?

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They are both units of measurement

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Are length and volume alike?

Length and volume can both be used to estimate how large something is, but they are really different types of things. Length is just one dimension of measurement, and volume requires three dimensions of measurement.

How are length and volume alike?

They are measures of size in 1-dimensional space and 3-dimensional space, respectively.

What is length and five volume?

Length and volume cannot be combined.

What happens to the volume of a Prism if the length is doubled?

If only the length is doubled, the volume is also doubled.If only the length is doubled, the volume is also doubled.If only the length is doubled, the volume is also doubled.If only the length is doubled, the volume is also doubled.

What is 0.24 meters in volume?

A metre is a unit of length, not volume. A length cannot be converted into volume.

How many millimetres in a teaspoon of liquid?

Tablespoon is a measurement of volume. You cannot associate length and volume without further information. Volume is a cubed version of length, i.e. volume is often length x length x length.

What is the volume of one m and m?

We know that volume is given by volume = length X length X length . hence , we can say that volume = 1X1X1 =1 m3.

How do you find width when volume height and length are given?

You really should know how to answer that question.Volume = (length) x (width) x (height) .Length = (volume) / (width x height)Width = (volume) / (length x height)Height = (volume) / (length x width)

How do you convert length to volume?

Length and volume are not equivalent measurements. Length is a two dimensional measurement while volume is a three dimensional measurement.

What is the formula for finding the length if you have the volume height and width?

volume = length*height*width Rearrange the formula: length = volume/height*width

How are meters and liters alike?

Meters and liters are units of measure used in the metric system. One is a unit of length and the other is a unit of liquid capacity or volume.

How are mixtures solutions and compound all alike?

they are alike cause of the solvent and the volume of mass

What are the SI units for length liquid volume volume?

Length = MetreVolume = Cubic metre (derived unit)

How do you solve for height if you have volume length and width?

The formula for volume is length x width x height = volume. So if you take the volume and divide it by the length and width it should give you the height.

How do you find the height using the length the width and the volume?

height*length*width = volume Divide both sides by length*width to find the height: height = volume divided by length*width

How many cc in a mm?

cc is a volume, mm is a length. You can't have a volume in a length

What are the SI units for length temperature and volume?

Length: metreTemperature: Kelvin Volume: litre.

What is the volume of a cube if it depend on the length of its sides?

The volume is determined by cubing the length of its side.

What is the volume of a cube with a 7cm length?

The volume of a cube with a 7cm side length is 343cm3

What is the volume of a cube with a side length?

Volume = (side length)^3 cubic units.

How centimeters and inches are alike?

They are measures of length.

What are all the known dimensions?

there are 5. 1-length/height 2-Width and length/height 3-length and height and volume 4-Space and length and height and volume 5-Time and Space and Length and width and volume

What is the difference between volume and length?

Basically, it's area =sizevolume =weight.Difference of getting different specifications of an object.Length is used to mesure a side of an object to get it's lengthWhile, the volume of an object is used to get it's weight.You can you length to get the volume.OR: Volume is the mass of something, you can work our somethings volume by multipying its length by its height by it width. Length is a single entity of how long something is.

How do you work out a square prism width and height when given volume and length?

Volume = Length x Width x Height. If the prism is square, then either Height = Width or Height = Length In the first case, Volume = Length x Width2 and so Width = sqrt(Volume/Length) and Height = Width. In the second case, Volume = Length2 x Width and so Width = Volume/Length2 and Height = Length.

What type of unit is for cm is it length or volume?

cm is a unit of length. cm3 is a unit of volume.

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