How is leprosy diagnosed?

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Q: How is leprosy diagnosed?
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Who else should be tested when a person is diagnosed with leprosy?

People who are in immediate contact with the leprosy patient should be tested for leprosy.

What disease are diagnosed using acid fast stain?

Tuberculosis and Leprosy

Has the disease leprosy been eradicated or does it still exist?

It has not been eradicated as there is still one person diagnosed every two minutes.

Why do you have leprosy?

I do not have leprosy.

How does the body react to leprosy?

Some people are genetically resistant to leprosy, probably and no matter what, they do not get leprosy. Other with tuberculous type of leprosy have high resistance to leprosy. Those with lepromatous type of leprosy have least resistance to leprosy germs. The intermediate leprosy type have intermediate resistance to leprosy germs. Body reacts to leprosy by trying to kill the leprosy causing germs. There is an inflammatory response.

How many leprosy patients have had close contact with an infected family member?

About 50% of patients diagnosed with the disease have a history of close contact with an infected family member.

How does leprosy affect daily lives?

If it goes untreated the hands and feet get distorted, faces can also get disfigured from leprosy, eye problems even blindness, nerve damage, and muscle weakness, there is also pain associated with leprosy. People that get it some times can't walk or take care of them selves properly, some of them can't work. People that contract it are often rejected or abandond by their family and or loved ones. But if leprosy is diagnosed and treated early then many of the symptoms can be prevented.

Is leprosy in people the same as leprosy in houses?


Is leprosy and Hansen's disease the same thing?

Yes, Leprosy and Hansen's disease are the same. However, the leprosy of the Bible evidently is NOT the same as present-day leprosy.

Is Leprosy a Pandemic or an Epidemic?

leprosy is a pandemic disease

What is a slogan on leprosy?

LEPROSY "worse than acne)

Can you catch leprosy from a cockroach?

No you can not catch leprosy by a cockroach.

How did Justin Bieber get leprosy?

he doesn't have leprosy to my knowledge

Is leprosy bacillus the microbe for leprosy?

No, it is called Mycobacterium leprae!

What is the typical prognosis for leprosy?

Leprosy is curable; however, the deformities and nerve damage associated with leprosy are often irreversible.

How many people die a year from leprosy?

Leprosy itself is rarely fatal. People with leprosy die of other diseases because their body is compromised by the disease of leprosy.Given that, according to the 2004 World Health Record(from the World Health Organization) the Leprosy death statistics for the year 2002 by worldwide region:About 1,000 deaths from leprosy in The AmericasAbout 3,000 deaths from leprosy in South East AsiaAbout 1,000 deaths from leprosy in Eastern MediterraneanAbout 1,000 deaths from leprosy in Western Pacific

Who does leprosy attack?

leprosy causes your skin to rot away.

What year was leprosy first discovered?

leprosy was founded in 1873.

When do most people get Leprosy?

People mostly get Leprosy in the summer.

What is leprosy nickname?

Another name for leprosy is Hansen's disease.

Can leprosy effect your skin?

yes. leprosy does effect your skin

Is leprosy the named of a tasty mael?

Leprosy is a disease - not a meal.

Where do people with leprosy live?

in medieval towns in europe when someone would get leprosy they would be sent to an isalnd where people with leprosy live.

What is the word used for people with leprosy?

people who have leprosy are called lepers

Who had the first leprosy?

Unknown. Leprosy goes back to ancient times.