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Life is different from Albert Einstein because now whenever we see a smart person, we call him einstein.


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Albert Einstein was smart (intelligent) all his life. As a young student, he did poorly in school, probably because he was bored.

Albert Einstein became a vegetarian in the latter part of his life.

What was life like before Albert Einstein moved to America

Einstein was not an inventor, and did not invent anything.

We have all benefited from the work of Albert Einstein because without his knowledge, none of us would know what gravity is and how it works.

Albert Einstein grew up in Germany. He was born in 1879 and died in 1955. He refused life support at the end of his life.

she was special because she loved him They were cousins. When Albert got sick Elsa helped him. Then later in life they married!

i think what you are asking is that Albert Einstein explored the world of science and engineering for his life long career

albert einstein had faced many difrences in his life he got expeled from school but he was actualy a genious

Albert Einstein was born in Ulm in southern Germany. And in Germany. Switzerland. Of America. His life.

at the age 5-12 Albert Einstein love comic until 1884

his life time achivemants

Albert Einstein had many friends throughout his life. He spent most of his time working on his experiments, but he did have some friends.

Albert Einstein was married twice in his life. His first wife was Mileva Maric. His second wife was Elsa Einstein.

Yes, Albert Einstein went to school all of his life. He attended elementary school, jr high, and high school.

three events that had a major influenced in Albert Einstein

Never. He worked his whole life.

No atomic bomb/energy =book, a bored and hard time to pass.

His life was long and joyful because he had a passion for math. Improved Awnser: He faced alot of difficullties and a lot of them had to do with school and family

Apparently only one, and her life story has never been authoritatively established. Lieserl Einstein was the first child of Albert Einstein, born to his first wife in 1902 prior to their marriage in 1903. Little is known of her, because she either died or was adopted, and neither Einstein or his family ever elaborated on her fate.

Probably. Most people paint something in there life but Albert Einstein is not a painter so his artwork probably never got famous.

Einstein divorced his wife and then married and lived with his first cousin for the remainder of his life.

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