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How is math used in the criminal justice field?

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Q: How is math used in the criminal justice system?
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How is criminal justice systems in the US?

How is math used in the criminal justice field?

What type of math is used in criminal justice?

Most Criminal Justice programs require statistics and I believe this is also the math used in research in the subject.

What is the criminal justice system doing to penalize mothers who used crack with unborn babies?

The criminal justice system sometimes uses charges of child abuse to punish these mothers. The juvenile advocacy system often removes the children from the care/custody of these mothers.

How can criminal justice be used?

Criminal justice is used to protect society, get revenge, rehabilitate the criminal or for punishment. For a discussion of the issues see the related link below.

How math is used in criminal investigations?


How is chemistry used in criminal justice?

Chemistry is often used to identify substances in a criminal justice case. Chemistry can determine if a substance was blood for example.

Is the public customers of the criminal justice system?

That is an odd usage of the word "customers," but used loosely, that would not be an incorrect term.

What is the purpose of Criminal Justice Education?

Criminal Justice education is used to help educate people and provide them with the skills to obtain a job in the criminal justice field. It is also useful for rehabilitating criminals.

What are some specific ways you can use Microsoft Word in the criminal justice field?

Microsoft Word can be used for writing papers on criminal justice topics. Students can also Microsoft Word to make flyer's for criminal justice events.

What is the difference between law major and criminal justice?

A "law major" is a college or university student who is majoring in the study of the law. "Criminal Justice" is the overall term used to loosely describe the entire system encompassing crime deterrence, crime detection, criminal apprehension, law enforcement, court, and corrections.

How punishment philosophy can affect the criminal justice post-conviction process Include a description of how sanctions are related to punishment philosophy and used in the criminal justice field?

define punishment philosophy and how it can affect the criminal justice post-conviction process

Is civil or criminal law used most in your justice systems?


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