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How is mathematical knowledge needed in order to be a wedding planner?

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Math is a big deal in wedding planning. You need to know the area in which to accommodate the guests. You have to calculate the food, alcohol, dinner plates, etc. You may be required to provide the wedding cake and need to not just save your clients money, but also know approx. how much cake you will need per guest. This also applies to the food being served to the guests. Then their is your bookkeeping, gratuity (tips) and paying of employees.

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What training do you need to become a wedding planner?

no special training or education is needed to become a wedding planner, no experience is needed.

What skills are needed to become a wedding photographer?

you have to have the skill of photography and consult with a wedding planner

What degree does a wedding planner need?

no degree is needed, but a degree in business would help.

What is expected in the future growth for a wedding planner?

A career as a wedding planner is expected to grow 16 percent per year. As more individuals come together and get married, wedding planners are needed to organize and help plan the festivities.

Is being a wedding planner fun?

no because what if you needed an item and you didnt have it then wot u gonna do?

What GCSE's are needed to become a wedding planner?

GCSEs are a high school qualification in Britain. You don't need any specific GCSEs to become a wedding planner. However, having Math's, English and Science would help.

Is there a need for wedding planners in Canada?

there is needs for wedding planners everywhere - anywhere anybody is getting married, wedding planners are potentially needed. check out this website for more information about becoming a wedding planner

Personal qualifications needed to be a wedding planner?

There are no particular qualifications required to become a wedding planner - it's much more important to gain experience. You won't be hired to plan somebody's wedding if you don't have a history of successfully organizing events. You may be able to get some experience by planning your own wedding or those of friends and family. Another option is to search for local wedding planners and ask them for work experience or opportunities to shadow them.

What kind of schooling do you need to become a wedding planner?

None. It helps to be artistic and to be good with people, but no degrees are needed just talent, money, and connections.

What kind of major is needed for wedding planning?

You really don't need a major to be a wedding planner, just a buisness and marketing degree to learn the concepts of what it takes to run a buisness like this and what you need to do to keep clientele and to know the best times you will and will not make money.

What skills are needed to become a wedding planner?

Being a wedding planner is a great job. You can have a lot of fun interacting with different people and have the satisfaction of knowing that you helped make the best day of their lives even better. And the most incredible part you get paid for doing all this!If you think wedding planning is the right career choice for you, go for it! You do not require any special education to become a wedding planner. Here's a guide that can help you in becoming a wedding planner.Hone Your Ability: Most wedding planners have a knack for interpersonal relationships and are good at making people feel at ease. While this may be an in-born quality, there is one important skill that can be developed for being a successful wedding planner, namely the ability to organize. This is THE most important part of being a wedding planner and thus you should look to hone this ability.Gain Knowledge: There are numerous things that are involved in planning a wedding. You need to learn about everything related to wedding planning to be good at it. For this, you can take some classes or you can educate yourself by attending wedding shows, bridal exhibitions, and other wedding related events. A great way to learn about the business is to get a job with a wedding planning firm or assist a wedding planner for a few months. This will give you valuable knowledge about all aspects related to wedding planning and will help you start your own business.Practice Wedding Planning and Construct A Portfolio: It is good practice to try and offer your help and services to family and friends in planning their weddings. You could take some pictures from them in return for your help and can put together a portfolio of such pictures. This is very useful to show others what you are capable of and will help you to get clients.Build Relations With Service Providers: There are a number of people who provide different services related to weddings such as photographers, florists, musicians, etc. Build relations with such people so that you have a complete wedding planning service to offer your clients when you go into business for yourself.Be Unique: People are always on the lookout for some unique and different ways to have their weddings. Along with offering a complete wedding planning service, you should look to specialize in something that will attract clients. It could be specializing in exotic destination weddings or some special service that not many wedding planners provide. Decide on something special according to your own resources and abilities.Be Part of a Professional Organization: Wedding planners who are part of professional wedding planning organizations are very sought after planners, especially if you are a certified wedding planner. So look to join any such organizations. This will also help you in keeping yourself up-to-date about everything related to wedding planning.Once you have gone through the above steps, you are now ready to become a wedding planner. Get yourself a nice business card and be on the lookout for new clients. You can ask the service providers who you have relations with to pass out your business card to prospective clients. Advertising your services is another good way to attract clients.Once you start getting clients, plan the best possible wedding for them and word-of-mouth publicity will do the rest for you and make you a very successful wedding planner.

Are there worksheets for wedding planning?

Yes, there are.A wedding is one occasion that requires a great deal of planning as there are so many things, small and big, that need to be taken care of before a wedding. And on such occasions, amidst all the fun and excitement, it can be very easy to overshoot your budget. Thus it is important that you have some way to help you keep everything organized and well planned. Worksheets for wedding planning can help you with this.Using a worksheet is an excellent way to keep track of all the details pertaining to wedding planning. From the guest list, to the seating arrangement, to the thank-you notes, to your budget; everything can be managed efficiently with the use of wedding worksheets. You can download different types of worksheets from the internet or you can buy some wedding books that will include all types of worksheets and planners to make your wedding planning easier. Some of the available books with good worksheets are:Your Perfect Wedding PlannerEasy Wedding Planner, Organizer, and KeepsakeThe Wedding Sourcebook Planner You can use Microsoft Excel to organize the items needed also.

What college is best for future wedding planners?

No college is needed. What you need to do is learn directly from a working planner. Start out as an assistant for a few years, learn the the business and then go out on your own. This is not something that you can learn in a classroom.

What education or training is needed to become a certified financial planner?

you should be a C.A(chartyer accountant) to become a certified financial planner.

What education is needed to become a wedding planner?

I don't think any is required, but taking business or marketing courses would greatly improve your chances of being successfull. i dont think you need any. i know a girl 16 of age who plans weddings nicely. of course some more education can always do well. but to be officially a planner, i dont think there is a certain amount of education needed.

What is needed for a wedding such as wedding dresses?

For a wedding, you need not only the wedding dress, but wedding jewelry, wedding shoes, a bride and groom, wedding rings, witnesses, a place for the ceremony, invitations, food, napkins, plates, cutlery, decorations, wedding attendants, photographer, musicians, minister or justice of the peace (someone qualified to perform the ceremony), etc. For musicians, I found a great website where you can browse and book live wedding bands and singers for your wedding. Check it out here: The most important things are a budget and a plan. A wedding planner can help you plan your wedding and make a list of the things you would like to have.

What should your wedding planner charge?

Wedding Planner fees can be set in a number of ways, according to the preference of the planner. A couple of options are flat fee; percentage. And, the level of service needed, based on the ceremony and all the accompanying details can also play a role in the fees. If a simplistic ceremony/reception for 150 people is the plan, the price can vary and be lower vs. an elaborate ceremony/reception for 150. Same number of people, different levels of planning and effort. Hope you found this information helpful. If you are interested in professionalism and a commitment to quality, please feel free to post an inquiry about my services on From, A Wedding Consultant

What skills are needed to become a strategic planner?

1) Strategy 2) Planning

How should I track ingredients needed for recipes in my meal planner?

There are a lot of way that one can track ingredients needed for meal planner. For such there is the handy notepad or nowadays with the advancement of technology one can use their smartphone to record what they need.

Do wedding planners use math?

Math is a fundamental part of any planners' life. A wedding planner in particular must be able to do advanced addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and geometry. This will come in useful when calculating how much food to make, how large an area is needed, how much the event will cost\make, etc.

What Qualifications are Needed to Become a wedding dress Designer?

No qualifations are needed

What is needed to start a wedding website?

To create a wedding website one can use the following customize sites; eWedding, Wedding wire, wedding jojo, My Wedding with its Matching Invitations and Wedding Bee.

How much money is needed to start a wedding planning business?

how much money to start a wedding planning business...and from where i can get money for my first wedding.

What uniform is needed for wedding planners?

All black

How to Do Your Own Wedding Planner and Organizer?

Brides have a lot to think about, and it would not do to have a disorganized mind! If you do not trust the power of your memory to aid you through all the preparations needed for the wedding, you need to have a wedding planner and organizer. This planner should also include a calendar, to help you keep track of your progress, and things to do for specific days. However, these planners can be costly; and with the expenses involved in planning a wedding, you would want to do your best to cut back on unnecessary expenses. With a little time involved, you can make your own wedding organizer, and you can customize it according to your specific needs. Step 1: Buy page protectors and label tabs, with the tabs written with these items: budget, guest list, payment tracker, floor plan, flowers, equipment rentals, photographer, hair and makeup, rings, cake, gifts, favors, thank you notes, stationery and some other items that you think you need to keep track of. Step 2: Keep track of all the ideas you see from wedding magazines and other publications; put holes on them and attach them to the appropriate section. This way, you can go back to the ideas even if you just have your handy wedding planner with you. Step 3: Look for websites that offer free downloadable programs that can make your wedding preparations easier. Some of these free programs include a payment tracker, guest list manager and budget manager. To save on printing paper, you can write notes on these managers using a pencil, and just erase and update whenever the need arises. Step 4: As you pay for items that are related to the wedding, keep the receipts in the appropriate section in your organizer. It is easier to keep tabs of all your expenses this way. You would also have no trouble finding the appropriate receipt, should there be any issues with the item’s quality and you need to have it returned or exchanged. Step 5: Whenever you meet with your suppliers, make sure to take down notes in your planner, so you can keep track of the things that have been discussed, and you can refer to them during your free time. Having a handy wedding organizer would help keep you sane during the crazy months of wedding preparations. Even after the wedding, you can still keep the planner as a memento; you can also use it to help another friend or loved one in planner her own wedding.