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Divine Crow: Place is something like "Jim's House" & Location is like the exact address.

So the Location will always be the same but place can change. For example: Jim moves and he lives in Africa now.

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Q: How is place different from location?
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How are the themes of a location and place is different?

Place is like jims house and location is the exact address.

How can relative location change overtime?

When you close a place down and you open that same place but in a different location.

How is a place different from location?

Place means something rather relative, such as 'John's house'. Location is the exact address or coordinates of a place. Location will always be the same, but the place could change.

How place and location can mean different things?

As someone already state your place, your address is your location, same. But a 4 place setting of dinnerware would have enough to place a setting on the table to serve 4 people, different. so place can also be a noun or a verb, where location is always a noun.

What are two different ways to describe a location?

area and place

What are two different ways to describe location?

area and place

Why the water varies from place to place?

Different minerals and salts are dissolved in the water depending on its location

If location is a matter of place what is place a matter of?


Why does the world have different time zones?

Because of the location of objects on the Earth. Not everything is in one place.

Is a place or location?

a place

What is the exact location for latitude and longitude?

Latitude and longitude are the numbers used to describe the location of any place. Every point on Earth has a different pair of them.

What does location mean?

Location means: a place, a spot, a particular place . Location tells you where something is.

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