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Think about what happens in a hydroelectric plant. The potential energy in the water is called 'potential' because the water has a place to go-- down. As the water falls it gains more and more kinetic energy. What is the water made to do before it's released? It passes through huge turbines and it makes the turbines spin. It's the spinning of the turbines that generates electricity. The kinetic energy of the water is converted to electricity.

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Q: How is potential energy used to generate electricity in a hydroelectric power plant?
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Can you put the word hydroelectric in a sentence?

In hydroelectric power station we use the potential energy of water to generate electricity.

What are the differences between hydroelectric energy and wind energy?

Hydroelectric energy uses water to turn large turbines in damns to generate electricity, while wind energy uses wind to turn wind turbines to generate electricity.

The energy in wind used to generate electricity is?

potential energy

What is Hydroelectric power?

Moving water can be used to generate electricity in hydroelectric power stations.

Which energy source uses the flow of moving water to generate electricity?

electricity from water is called hydro - or hydroelectric power

What is geothermal potential energy?

It is the energy released from earth's surface. It can be used to generate electricity.

Worst to best way to generate electricity?

Worst to best way to generate electricity: 1.)Nuclear Energy 2.)Fossil Fuels 3.)Solar Energy 4.)Wind Energy 5.)Hydroelectric 6.)Geothermal Energy

What energy transfers generate electricity in the dam's staction?

The water's potential energy is converted into mechanical energy (movement); this is then converted to electricity.

What industries rely on hydroelectric energy?

Since hydroelectric energy supplies electricity, any industry that uses electricity from a hydroelectric plant relies on this energy.

What energy transformation occurs in a windmill used to generate electricity?

kinetic energy (potential energy) which transfers to mechanical energy

Why do we need gravitational energy?

Gravitational potential energy stored in the water reserved in a dam becomes useful to generate electricity.

What are the 4 main resources used to generate electricity in New Zealand?

Hydroelectric lakes, geothermal energy, wind power and fossil fuels.