How is silver sold as to weight?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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It depends on what the silver is? Jewelry, coins, dinnerware, ect....

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Q: How is silver sold as to weight?
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1799 silver dollar - counterfeit is it illegal to sell what is it worth?

Its probably only worth its weight in silver. As long as it is not sold as being real and is clearly sold as a replica or example of a counterfeit item, it is legal to sell.

Where can one find a service for selling silver?

This depends on what form the silver is being sold in. Silver can be considered antiques, which can be sold at antique stores. Or if it's silver jewellery, it can be sold at resale jewellery stores.

What is properties of silver?

Silver is sold in its natural state.

Can silver be gold?

No. But silver can be sold. As can slivers of gold.

What is the weight of silver in a 1954 quarter?

Actual Silver Weight or ASW is .18084oz of pure silver.

What is the silver weight of a silver dime?

The ASW (Actual Silver Weight) of all 90% US silver dimes is .07234oz

What is the weight and silver content of the silver medal in the Olympics?

approximate to 35 grams weight in silver medal

How much silver in a 1952 quarter?

The ASW (actual silver weight) is .18084oz pure silver.

What is silver record gold record platinum record?

I am pretty sure a silver record is 100,000 or 250,000 sold...Gold is 500,000 sold and platinum is 1,000,000 sold

Is Avatar the Last Airbender sold in gold coast?

no it sold in silver

What in the weight of silver in a 1964 half dollar?

Silver Weight : 0.3617 Troy Ounce

What is the weight of silver in pre 1964 half dollar?

The coins have an Actual Silver Weight (ASW) of .36169oz of pure silver.