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The atoms on in the reactants must balance exactly with the atoms in the reactants, much like the debit and credit sides of a ledger must balance.

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Q: How is stoichiometry similar to bookkeeping?
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What are the two kinds of stoichiometry?

Stoichiometry is the calculation of the various products and reactants in chemical reactions. The two types are reaction stoichiometry and composition stoichiometry.

How can you identify a stoichiometry problem?

When a problem has a label "stoichiometry" on top of it.

What is an example of stoichiometry?

An example of stoichiometry is any chemical reaction. HCl+NaOH->NaCl+H2O may be an example of stoichiometry.

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How do you measure with a stoichiometry?

Stoichiometry is not a method of measurement, it is a concept for the ratios of reactants and products.

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What is the ratio of the heart of stoichiometry?

The heart of stoichiometry is the mole ratio given by the coefficients of the balanced equation