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Sulfuric Acid is an oxoacid of sulfur and is made of Hydrogen, Sulfur and Oxygen.

It is produced by burning sulfur in air to produce Sulfur Dioxide, and then oxidizing the Sulfur Dioxide to Sulfur Trioxide. Sulfuric Acid can then be made from Sulfur Trioxide.

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Is sulfur acid?

no, but there is a sulfuric acid, H2SO4.

Why is sulfuric acid called sulfuric acid?

Sulfuric acid is called sulfuric acid because sulfuric comes from the root word sulfur. Also because sulfuric acid contains one sulfur atom. It is just like Epsom salt called Magnesium Sulfide. It contains one magnesium atom and one sulfur atom

What does sulfuric acid contain in it?

Sulfuric acid, H2SO4, contain hydrogen, sulfur and oxygen.

Can sulfur form sulfuric acid?

Yes. Burning sulfur in air will produce sulfur dioxide, which can then react with water to form sulfuric acid.

Difference between fuming sulfuric acid and sulfuric acid?

Fuming sulfuric acid is sulfuric acid that contains added sulfur trioxide,so3.

How do you form oleum from sulfuric acid?

Dissolve excess Sulfur trioxide in concentrated Sulfuric acid

Is sulfuric acid an element or a compound?

Sulfuric acid is a compound of hydrogen, sulfur, and oxygen, H2SO4.

What do sulfur and sulfuric acid have in common?

They both contain the element Sulfur

What is the main use of sulfur?

the main use of sulfur is in the production of sulfuric acid and its also about 65% of sulfuric acid produced is used to make fertilizer

What forms nitric acid and sulfuric acid?

How does acid rain form? The burning of coal that contains a lot of sulfur produces sulfur oxides, substances composed of oxygen and sulfur. Acid rain forms when nitrogen oxides and Sulfur oxides combine with water in the air to form nitric acid & sulfuric acid.(Acid rain also another way of saying Nitric acid & Sulfuric acid)

How many sulfur atoms are in a molecule of sulfuric acid?

Sulfuric acid is H2SO4 2 Hydrogen atoms 1 Sulfur atom 4 Oxygen atoms

Is sulfur dioxide mixed with water an acid?

Yes, this is the sulfuric acid.

What causes sulfur taste with belching?

Your stomach acid, which is Sulfuric Acid.

Acid rain can form when what in the air mixes with sulfur oxides to form sulfuric acid?

Acid rain forms when oxygen and nitrogen in the air mixes with sulfur oxides to form sulfuric acid, and that is the result

How many elements are in a molecule of sulfuric acid?

Sulfuric Acid is H2SO4. It contains the elements: Hydrogen, Sulfur, and Oxygen. Thus there are 3 elements in a molecule of sulfuric acid.

How many atoms of hydrogen sulfur and oxygen are in one molecule of sulfuric acid?

Sulfuric acid is H2SO4 and it contains two hydrogen, one sulfur and four oxygen.

What two elements react to make sulfuric acid?

Sulfuric acid is a compound of three elements: hydrogen, sulfur, and oxygen. It can form by reacting sulfur trioxide with water.

Is sulfuric acid a non-metal oxide?

No, not strictly speaking. Sulfuric acid is a mineral acid. It is made by reacting Sulfur Trioxide with water. Sulfur Trioxide IS a non-metal oxide.

Is there a difference between sulfur and sulfuric acid?

The difference is the chemical composition. Sulfur is S(-2). This is a sulfide ion. Sulfuric acid is derived from sulfate, SO4. Also acids are always bonded to hydrogens. The chemical formula for sulfuric acid is H2SO4

What are three compounds that sulfur is used in?

Sulfur is used in sulfuric acid, fertilizers, and explosives.

How is sulfuric acid formed in the atmosphere?

Some types of coal contain sulfur. When the coal is burned, the sulfur also burns. When sulfur burns, it produces sulfur dioxide. Sulfur dioxide in the air can then dissolve into rain droplets. When sulfur dioxide dissolves in water, it reacts with the water and forms sulfuric acid. This becomes acid rain.

What are some compounds of sulfur?

hydrogen sulfide and sulfuric acid

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