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How is the Booting procedure of Windows XP?

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By "booting" do you mean when you are installing the OS for the first time or do you mean after, you've installed the OS and are beginning to use Win XP. Are you asking how is it different from all the other OS's from Microsft in the installation. If so, then the first big difference, is that you do NOT have to make a start up disk with Win XP. So long as you change the boot sequence in your BIOS to make the CD Rom drive the first device to boot, save those changes and then restart, you should have smooth sailing so long as you follow the prompts after that. Check you motherboard manual for the right way to get into your BIOS, and under which directory you will find the boot sequence option. Hope this answers your question. Once you've finished the install make certain you change the boot sequence back to make the hard drive with the OS on it the first device to boot so as to increase the boot time [this may shave a couple of seconds off the boot sequence]. BM

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How can you decrease booting time of windows XP?

You can improve your booting time of windows xp just by using startup manager.

What is meant by dual-booting?

Dual booting means two operating system installed on PC. for example you install windows xp and windows vista at the same time. or windows xp and Linux on same PC. Dual booting is only a term you can install more than one operating system on one PC. for example you can install 10 windows xp copies on your 10 drives.

List of boot files in Windows XP OS?

the three files in booting files in windows xp boot.ini ntldr and

What are the booting files of Microsoft Windows XP?


What are booting files of Windows XP and Windows 7?

The following booting files are required to start Windows XP: NTLDR, Boot.ini, and The following files are optional when starting Windows XP: Ntbootdd.sys and Bootsect.dos. The following files are required to start Windows 7/Vista: Bootmgr (Windows Boot Manager) and BCD (Boot Configuration Data).

Which of the following are benefits of virtualization over dual booting?

Windows XP and Vista

Can you install Windows XP on Windows Vista and switch between them?

Yes. There is a process called Dual Booting, but it requires two hard drives. Just search for "how to dual boot windows vista and windows XP?".

Why Windows 7 booting faster than xp?

Because windows 7 has stablity updates the same as windows vista dose, windows xp uses unsupported service packs. as service pack 3 is now out.

Why might it be less important for Windows XP to provide a switch for creating a bootable floppy disk?

All Windows XP discs are bootable anyway, and it is very unlikely to be worthwhile installing Windows XP on a machine that isn't capable of booting from a CD.

What is the name of the log file that Windows 2000-XP uses when booting in Safe Mode?


What is the minimum number of volumes that a computer running Windows XP should have if you want to support dual-booting with Windows 7?


To restore a system using the ASR backup you begin by booting from the Windows XP setup CD and then you press?


When booting the windows xp operating system which file will be read to find the path to the boot partition?


How do you install Windows XP in a PC having Windows 7 installed?

It is not possibel to install Windows XP in a PC with Windows 7 without damaging the Windows 7 boot information. Since XP is older operating System it cannot recognise 7 and destroys the Master Boot Record created by 7. However,you can install windows 7 in a PC with XP and can simultaneously have both XP and 7. Windows 7 automatically recognises XP and allows you to install in a different partition and while booting it presents with a menu from which you can choose XP or 7.

Are the file systems for Windows XP the same as the ones for Windows Vista?

The file systems supported by Windows XP and Windows Vista are essentially the same. However, Windows Vista does not support booting from FAT32 partitions, and Windows XP does not support Windows Vista's Shadow Copy feature (which makes automatic backups of files) and will delete the backups if it accesses an NTFS Windows Vista partition.

When a user presses the Ctrl Alt Delete key combination in windows XP after booting what happens?

the logon screen appears

Is windows xp the same as windows xp home?

Windows XP is a general name given to sevearl operating systems released by Microsft in the early 200's. These include: Windows XP Home, Windows XP Pro, WIndows XP Stater, Windows XP Media Edition, WIndows XP Tablet, Windows XP N, Windows XP K and Windows XP KN

How do you get to xp restore system?

Step 1: Partition the hard disk. Insert the Windows XP CD into your CD or DVD drive, or insert the first Windows XP Setup disk into the floppy disk drive, and then restart the computer to start the Windows XP Setup program. ...Step 2: Format the hard disk and install Windows XP.

Can you have windows xp and Windows Vista on one harddrive?

Yes, it is called dual booting. See these websites for more information:

What are the disadvantages of dual-booting Windows XP and Windows 7?

Other than using more disc space to contain both operating systems, there are no inherent disadvantages.

How do you use Windows XP and Linux operating system together?

By dual-booting. You install them both to the same computer and choose between them at boot.

How do you know if you have Windows 7 or Windows XP?

if your have windows 7, you have windows 7. if you have windows xp, you have windows xp. that's the difference.

How would you start a windows xp computer in safe mode?

To get into the Windows XP Safe mode, as the computer is booting keep tapping your "F8 Key" which should bring up the "Windows Advanced Options Menu". Use your arrow keys to move to "Safe Mode" and press your Enter key.

What are the xp bootable files?

Windows XP is a long time operating system from Microsoft. The bootable files in that OS are, autoexec.bat, win.ini, win.ini, and ntdetect.exe. There files are needed for proper booting of the OS.

To restore a system using the ASR backup you begin by booting from the Windows XP setup CD and then you press when a message appears asking you to do so?