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Al ahgeela

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Q: How is the El Aguila pronounced in spanish?
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When was El Aguila created?

El Aguila was created in 1979.

What does el ano in spanish?

'el ano' (pronounced 'ell AHnaw') = the anus 'el ano' with a tilde, ~, over the 'n' (pronounced 'ell AHNyaw') = the year

What is the color in spanish?

'el color' (pronounced 'ell colOR')

How do you say spanish breakfast?

"Breakfast" in Spanish is "el desayuno", pronounced 'ell daysahYOOnaw'.

How do you say he and Spanish?

He in spanish is "El" but with an accent abouve the "E" if there is not accent, el means "the". Spanish in spanish is "Espanol" but with a tilda(which looks like a squigly line) avoer the "n" which makes it pronounced with a "nya" sound. e'l pronounced as L

What is skin in Spanish?

Skin in spanish is piel. It is pronounced pee-el. It can be literally translated to "peel".

How do you say March 24th in spanish?

In Spanish, March 24th would be "el veinticuatro de marzo"

What has the author Juan Carlos Roca written?

Juan Carlos Roca has written: 'El Aguila Que Queria Ser Aguila' 'Aguila Que Queria Ser Aguila/the Eagle That Wanted To Be An Eagle' 'Kinesiologia Holistica'

How do you say 'lunch' in Spanish?

"Lunch" in Spanish is "el almuerzo." It is pronounced "el al-MWARE-so." Sites such as provide audio pronunciations of many common Spanish words.Lunch is "el almuerzo"

How do you say sam Spanish?

The Spanish name is also spelled Samuel. (pronounced "Sahm-oo-el")

How do you say Sam in Spanish?

The Spanish name is also spelled Samuel. (pronounced "Sahm-oo-el")

How do you say the Spanish map in Spanish?

El mapa. One of those words ending in "a" that is masculine. "Map" in Spanish is "mapa". It is pronounced "MAH-pah".