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Hecate is a Greek Goddess, though a Titan born of Perses and Asteria.

The Egyptian goddess of fertility/children, Heqet (also Heqat, Hekit, Heket, Hegit, Heget) was considered a counterpart to Hecate.

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Hecate was the goddess of witchcraft, ghosts, magic, Crossways, darkness, and the dark of the moon.

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Q: How is the Greek goddess Hecate connected to Greek and Egyptian mythology?
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What does the moon symbolize in Native American?

The moon can be many things. In Greek mythology, the moon was the domain of Artemis, the young, Virgin huntress. Similarly, in Roman mythology, the moon was domain for the goddess Diana. Also in Greek mythology, the new moon, or the "dark" moon, is the symbol of Hecate, goddess of night, child birthing, crossroads, and more. The crescent moon with the star is Islam's religious symbol. Pagans see the moon cycle as a cycle of the women (from wax to wane- Maiden, Mother, Crone). There are many possibilities.

Why did the Greeks think Hecate was important?

Hecate is the goddess of witches, and her power over magic would make her very important. In some versions, she has rulership over the earth, sky, and sea. She is also associated with crossroads, entrance-ways, fire, light, the Moon, magic, knowledge of herbs and poisonous plants, and necromancy.

Who were the Greek goddesses who ruled people's lives?

The ones I know of are: Amphitrite: - Goddess of the sea Aphrodite: - Goddess of love and beauty Artemis: - Goddess of the hunt, nature and birth. Asteria: - Goddess of the stars Athena: - Goddess of war, wisdom and domestic crafts. Demeter: - Goddess of the harvest Dike: - Goddess of moral justice. Eos: - Goddess of the dawn. Eris: - Goddess of strife, discord, contention and rivalry. Eirenne: - Goddess who symbolized peace. Hebe: - Goddess of youth. Hecate: - Goddess of childbirth and the crossroads. Hemera: - Goddess of daylight. Hera: - Goddess of marriage Hestia: - Goddess of the hearth and home. Hygieia: - Goddess of health, cleanliness and sanitation. Iris: - Goddess of the rainbow Nike: - Goddess of victory. Nyx: - Goddess of darkness and night time Themis: - Greek Goddess of divine justice, order and customs.

What does the name Cathryn mean?

Cathryn is a form of the name Catherine and is greek in origin (Αἰκατερίνη). It became popular in many countries because of Saint Catherine of Alexandria. The original meaning isn't know - suggestions include from the greek meaning 'purity', and from the goddess Hecate.

How many Greek gods are in greek mythology?

There were many minor gods, children of the Olympians. Zeus: Lord of the Sky, gods, and thunder. Hera: Protector of marriage. Poseidon: Ruler of the Sea, god of horses and earthquakes. Demeter: goddess of harvest. Ares: God of War. Athena: goddess of wisdom, city, and battle. Phoebus Apollo: God of sun, music, healing, truth, and prophecies. Artemis (twin sister of Apollo): Goddess of the Hunt, Archery, and whild things. Hephaestus: god of forge and fire, and workman to the gods. Aphrodite: goddess of love and beauty. Hermes: god of travelers, thieves, men on the road, and messenger of the gods. Dionysus: god of wine, vine, and merriment. Hestia: goddess of the hearth and home (she gave up her seat to the newcomer, Dionysus). Hades: god of the underworld. Pan: god of the wild. Eors: god of love Hymen: god of the wedding feast Enyo: lesser god of war Hebe: goddess of youth Iris: goddess of the rainbow and messenger of the gods Persephone: goddess of spring and underworld. Eileithyia: goddess of childbirth Selene: goddess of the moon Aether: god of light Eos: goddess of dawn Asklepois: god of health and medicine Hygea: goddess of health Aeolus: lord of the wind Boreas: North Wind Zephyr: West Wind Notus: South Wind Eurus: East Wind Pontus: god of the deep sea Nereus: old man of the sea Triton: trumpeter of the sea Ate: goddess of mischief Eris: goddess of discord Maia: goddess of fields Hypnos: god of sleep Nike: goddess of victory Peitha: goddess of persuasion Hecate: goddess of the crossways, dark side of the moon, and magic Tyche: goddess of fortune Poena: goddess of punishment Nemesis: goddess of revenge Hespera: goddess of dusk Morpheus: god of dreans Phosphor: light-bearer and star that brings the day Fama: goddess of fame and rumors 9 Muses: 9 goddesses who inspired artists 3 Fates: three old women who knew the fate of everything. Lord Zeus fears them because they know how the gods are going to be destroyed. All in all, there were 13 Olympians and 48 minor gods and goddess, counting the Muses as 9 and the Fates as 3.

Related questions

Was Hecate a Catholic?

No, Hecate was not a Catholic figure. She is a goddess in ancient Greek mythology associated with magic, witchcraft, and crossroads. The Catholic religion does not include deities from Greek mythology.

Does the greek goddess Hecate have a weakness?

Not that is known in mythology.

What was unique about the goddess Hecate?

She was a triple goddess, which although not unique in mythology in general, makes her stand out in Greek mythology. She was the goddess of magic and crossroads.

How did Hecate die?

In Greek mythology, Hecate is an immortal goddess associated with magic and witchcraft. There is no record of her death in the traditional myths.

Who is Hecate in Greek Mythology?

Was hecate married to hades?

No, Hades was married to Persephone, daughter of the Olympian Goddess Demeter. Hecate is a Goddess with an uncertain mythology, though often associated with Persephone and the Underworld.

In Greek mythology who were the parents of Hecate?

Hecate was an underworld or moon goddess in Greek mythology. Her parents have been listed as either Perses and Asterie or Zeus and Asterie among others.

What is Selene like?

Selene is goddess of the moon. She isn't mentioned often in mythology, but she is rarely cast in a negative light. She is often associated with the goddess Artemis and Hecate.

What is the monster Hecate?

Hecate was not a monster but the Goddess of Magic.

Is there a equal as a God to the Goddess Hecate?

No, she doesn't seem to have been of a pair. But she has been linked to Artimis, Hera, and Hel (of Norse mythology).

How long was Hecate a goddess for?

Hecate has been a goddess since she was born, and will be forever, because no Greek god/goddess will die.

Who is the god or goddess of the moon?

There were three: Artemis, Selene, and Hecate. Together, they made up the Triple Moon Goddesses. Artemis was the goddess of the crescent moon, Hecate was the goddess of new moon and the dark side of the moon, and Selene was everything in between.