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Q: How is the HR4437 going to affect immigrants?
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What's the HR4437?

H.R. 4437: Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005

What did immigrants bring with them?

This depends on where the immigrants came from, where the immigrants were going to, when they left, and which culture they belonged to.

Where are Irish immigrants going?

Irish immigrants are going to Ireland, Irish emigrants are going to many places including America, Australia, Britain and Canada.

How did immigrants feel when leaving for America?

When immigrants were leaving for America, they were happy and scared. Immigrants were scared because they left everything they knew and did not know what they were going to see in America. Immigrants were happy because they were going to a land of opportunity and a better life.

How did squatters affect Mexican immigrants?

i donb't know

How did world war 1 affect Mexican immigrants?

How did it not.

How does immigration affect taxes in the US?

immigrants are hurting the economy

How do we immigrants affect the US?

By doing all the jobs we don't want. Thanks!

How did immigrants affect America in the late 1800s?

Immigrants affected America by causing it to become more diversified, and also causing a shortage of jobs at first.

How did immigrants get tickets for ships going to Ellis Island?

They bought the tickets.

How did the Industrial Revolution affect immigration into the US?

It created a demand for workers, which was met by immigrants.

How did immigrants affect the us?

I think that immigrants affected the U.S. because without immigrants coming over from other countries, we wouldn't have other nationalities, like Irish people, or Asian people, or whatever kind of people.

Are immigrants still going through Ellis Island today?

No. Ellis Island has been closed from accepting immigrants. It is just a tourist attraction now.

Did immigrants going through Ellis Island need money to go to the us?

Immigrants going to be processed through Ellis island did need a job and I'm pretty sure they needed money, too. -Candice from WSMS(:

What affect would an animal going extinct in the Antarctica food chains have?

Affect? Affect? Not affect- disaster!

How did the nativist movement impact on the new immigrants?

Nativism would affect immigrants because of bias and prejudice. Nativism refers to a bias that inhabitants had toward people that were not Protestant or white.

What jobs did Asian immigrants have in the late 1800 and early 1900?

In California, the Sacramento River levee's, and the railroad that goes through the Sierra Nevada Mountains, on through the Donner pass were largely built by Chinese immigrants during the 1860's. Irish immigrants built the rail road going west, while the Chinese immigrants built going east. The rail road tracks were finished, and met in UTAH.

What is the trend of Europe's population rate?

Going down do to low fertility rate. More immigrants.

What are the immigrants law in Canada about going back to their own country?

The immigrants law in Canada about going back to their own country says that Canadian citizens and permanent residents living in Canada may sponsor family members who also wish to immigrate to Canada.

How was the situation of women and immigrants in the factory system similar?

they were both powerless to affect pay rates or working conditions

How did the influx of immigrants affect industrial workers in the US at the turn of the century?

they worked intendently at oak farm catography

How did immigration quota lawas affect immigration into the US in the 1920s?

The quotas reduced the number of immigrants allowed into the U.S.

How does other cultures affect your culture?

Other cultures can have an affect on your culture because of globalization. For example, the arrival of Indian immigrants in Britain led to curry becoming a national dish.

How does duty of care affect your role?

the duty of care affect my work by going on training

Can going to gym affect height?