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How is the amazon rainforest so important to the animal in its habitat?


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The reason why the Amazon rain forest is so important is because without a place to live, the animal species living there would become extinct.


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s the smallest animal in the amazon rainforest

The sloth is the most popular animal in the amazon rainforest.

The largest animal that lives in the Amazon Rainforest is the Jaguar. However, the largest animal that lives in the Amazon River is the Black Caiman.

The consequences of deforestation in the Amazon rainforest would lead to a desert like condition. When the rainy season came most of the land would be washed away. There would also be a loss of animal habitat.

the most dangerous animal is the jaguar

wet lands or also know as rain forest

toucans, frogs, gorillas, ect.

some of the rarest animals in the rainforest are jaguars harpy eagles and pink river dolphins

The smallest animal in the Amazon rainforest is probably something like a tiny mite. They are considered animals, too.Other answers:mousem lemur and pygmy lemurthe poison dart frog

Rainforest Action Network deals with rainforest issues all over the world. Rainforest Preservation Foundation seeks to preserve Brazilian rainforest.

well it grows a habitat for other animal and has lots of diff things

Yes because it is a community of animal and plants interacting with there environment.

The Amazon basin is the drainage area of the Amazon River in South America. It is mostly a tropical rainforest with an abundance of plant and animal life.

in the tropical rainforest a beetle will eat grasstapirs, capybara and amazon deer also eat grass.

Sloths do live in the amazon rainforest, infact they live in the canopy layer as it includes a shelter and plenty of branches to hang on where no other animal could get to (for example a jaguar).

Are threats to hunting animals, Illegal animal trade, And also habitat loss

Assuming you mean Amazon:This question is similar to asking "How many fish live in the pacific ocean?" It is literally impossible to answer. Even if you asked: "How many different species of animal live in the Amazon rainforest" it is also impossible to answer. They are in fact still discovering different species of animal in the rainforest's of the Amazon.

yes it's the fastest animal in the world(you probably already know that !)

2.5million insect speciestens of thousands of plants2,000+ birds and mammalsSnakes, monkeys, birds, and cats. About 1/10 of animal species on Earth live in the Amazon Rainforest.

No, information on the Amazon rainforest discloses the animal species that eat on vines. Most vines are thicker that a human body and strong enough to uproot a tree when it falls.

One animal that live in the rainforest and starts with the letter E is the electric eel. They live in the Amazon River. Another animal that start with an E is the emerald tree boa.

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