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The base area * height = Volume

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Volume of a rectangular prism= LengthXWidthXHeight Area of a Rectangle= LengthXWidth Area of a Trapezoid= (Bottom+Top)/2)XHeight

Because it is a rectangular prism and it has volume and area also mass and perimeter

I am not sure that a rectangular prism is in any position to care!

Volume of a rectangular prism = base x height. If volume and height are known, solve for base area by dividing volume by height.

The volume of a rectangular prism is its cross-section area times its length.

You can't derive the volume from the surface area.

You can't tell the dimensions of a rectangle from its area, or the dimensions of a prism from its volume.

Volume of any prism = cross-section area times length

The volume is cubed and the surface area is squared.

Squared. When you find surface area, you are only finding the area of the shapes that make up the three-denominational shape.

Volume of a rectangular prism is equal to the base area x height. (V=BxH or Volume = Base Area * Height) To get the base area, simply divide the volume by the height. (B=V/H or Base Area = Volume / Height)

Yes. A cube that is 2x2x2 has the same volume as a rectangular prism that is 1x2x4, which is 8. The surface area of the cube is 24 while the surface area of the rectangular prism is 28.

The volume of the rectangular prism is:Volume = length x width x heightORVolume = Base x height, where Baseis the area of the rectangle on the side of the prism.

There must be a typo in this question, "Why does the formula for finding the surface area of arectangular prism is helpful?" What does that even mean?

A prism in mathematics is a figure that has the same cross-sectional shape no matter where it is cut. That doesn't really explain it well but a pipe is a cylinder with a circular base so it is a prism. A Toblerone, the triangular chocolate, is a triangular prism (almost). A box, a crate, a rectangular sky scraper is a rectangular prism.They all have a volume = area of base x height.rectangular prismlength x width x height

Both the cylinder and rectangular prism are solid objects. Volume of both can be found by multiplying the area of the base by the height.

That depends upon its length width and volume. It really has a volume, not an area because it is three demensional.

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