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How is the automatic player piano used today?

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The automatic player piano is still used today and you have to insert a piano roll to activate the keys and pump it to play.

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Is the piano still used today?

Yes, the piano is still used today all over the world. In fact, I play the piano and find it a very beautiful instrument.

What instruments were used in Victorian times?

They used a harpsichord which was an early fore runner of the piano a player piano normal piano a harp violin flutes and violas

What is the piano used for today?

to play in the quir. and play music

Piano tiles leaderboard on android doesn't show friends scores It used to do until today?

If Piano tiles leader board on android doesn't show friends scores and it used to do until today, then you need to uninstall it and install it back again or upgrade it.

When was the harpsichord most famous?

Harpsichords were very popular before the piano was invented. The piano took its place when it was introduced. Harpsichords are still used today though.

What did the vikings use ivory for?

they used ivory for boxes and caskets today we use ivory for piano keys

What is the Piano used for?

A piano is used for playing music, and for a furniture.

When was the harpsichord used?

Harpsichords have dated back to before the 1500's and are still used today. They aren't as popular anymore since the piano was invented.

When did the US have its first automatic dish washer?

The first automatic dishwasher that was used in homes and had most of the same features we have today was invented in 1924. The inventor of this dishwasher was William Howard Livens.

What was piano first used for?

Piano is, and has always been, used to play music.

When were harpsichord used?

Harpsichords were very popular in the 16th century, but once the piano was later invented, the harpsichord was somewhat replaced. Harpsichords are still used today.

Where is the piano from?

The piano, is from distingushing amounts of musicians, who established a louder and grander sound for the piano. The harpsichord, is likely related to the piano, but basically it was made to get louder and softer. The original piano's started out very plain, with little dynamic changes, and the new piano created, was much better. It used hammers, and strings, to create a cunning sound to cheer audiences in large king's homes, and many other formal places. The new piano, or known to them as Piano Forte ( the loud piano) was the new piano of today.

What blues instruments are still used today?

Blues is music that originated in African-American communities in the deep south. Some of the instruments that were common then that are still used today are: guitar, bass piano, drums, saxophone among others.

What is the function of the piano?

The piano is used to play music notes.

What is folk piano?

Its just an old piano used for entertainment

Where in the world was the piano first used?

The piano was first used in Padua, Italy by Bartolomeo Cristofori.

Is the piano ever used in the orchestra?

As the piano is a solo instrument, it is only in the orchestra when a piano concerto is performed. A piano concerto is when the piano is performed, as well as an orchestra.

What instruments were used in Beethoven's moonlight sonata?

Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata was one of the piano sonatas which Beethoven wrote. The only instrument used was piano.It's a piano sonata, for solo piano.

What instrument used in batman theme song?

piano and vocal

What instruments were used in the song piano sonata by Mozart?

One piano.

What types of music are played on the piano?

Piano is a very versatile instrument. It can be used to play many different style of music. Piano has 88 keys and we have 10 fingers which allows almost countless possibilities of what we can be done on a piano. Just because we hear many classical pieces being played on the piano doesn't mean it's limited to that style. Today, we can hear piano or keyboard being used in almost every song and genre. The style and possibilities are endless given the right technique and practice. Yoke Wong Take Your Piano Playing To The Next Level

What is a piano ballad?

A piano ballad is love song composed especially for the piano. It is generally used to express love.

Which technology is used in automatic temperature conroller?

PLC technology is used in automatic technology controller.

What was the piano used for?


Where can you donate used piano instruction books?

donating piano books cleveland