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Yellow to orange at low temperatures (300-400 0C) and blue at high temperatures (500-700 0C).

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Q: How is the color of Bunsen burner related to its temperature?
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Why the dominant color of a nonluminous flame on a Bunsen burner blue?

The dominant color of a nonluminous flame on a Bunsen burner is blue. Whereas, the dominant color of a luminous flame on a Bunsen burner is orange.

What color flame is the hottest on a Bunsen burner?


Is yellow the hottest color on a Bunsen burner?

no, the blue flame is hottest

What is the color of a roaring flame on a Bunsen burner?

the colour of the roaring flame is blue

Why is there a yellow flame on the Bunsen burner?

The yellow color is from the incandescence of not burned soot particles.

When does the flame of a Bunsen burner becomes small or big?

when the flame comes big the color of the flame is orange but, when the flame comes small the color of the flame is blue

What is the colour of the Bunsen burner when it is halfway closed?

When the hole of a Bunsen burner is half closed (or half open) the flame is mostly blue-violet in color throughout, with no orange/yellow apparent as it would be with the hole fully closed. When the hole is fully open, the flame divides into a pale voilet color outer part with a cone of intense blue color within.

What the dominate color of aproperly adjusted falme for Bunsen burner?

A properly adjusted flame on a bunsen burner would have a flame that is blue. It would also appear that there is a lighter blue flame in the center, usually referred to as an inner blue cone, the hottest part of the flame.

The uses of Bunsen burner?

To heat chemicals or substances in science lab for experiment. There is an air hole in the Bunsen burner where you can screw loose to have open air hole that is the blue flame which is hotter. When there is a close air hole then the flame would be orange in color which is not as hot compared to the blue flame.

How does a yellow flame on a Bunsen burner make things black but the roaring flame doesn't?

The flame of a Bunsen burner that is yellow in color will leave a black carbon residue due to the incorrect mixture of oxygen into the flame. Because there is not enough oxygen for complete combustion, the carbon reside is left behind. When the Bunsen flame has a sufficient amount of oxygen mixed in, hence the 'roaring flame', it has a blue color and does not leave a carbon residue due to complete combustion of the acetylene gas.

What is the black substance produced when a Bunsen burner air hole is closed?

What colour the flame is has totally got to do with how much oxygen is allowed into the Bunsen, the flame can be anywhere between a bight orange to blue, all the way to being almost unnoticeable. This is what make them dangerous if unattended as you wont know there burning until you are. Low air easily visible flame, High air flow, and it becomes very difficult to see.

What happens when air hole in Bunsen burner is half open?

A hot flame is obtained (but not the hottest) with a color violet-white.