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they both have stong muscles attached to them

very important to living beings

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Which two are most unlike the related human system?

1. The Skeletal System 2. The Digestive System

Is there a skeletal system for the Digestive System?


Of the body systems studied which two are most unlike the related human system cray fish?

The skeletal system and the digestive system.

What is the relationship between the skeletal system digestive system and excretory system?

the relationship between the skeletal system and the digestive system is....ambot lang wala ko kavalo

Are anorexia nervosa conditions related only to the digestive system?

Anorexia can affect the digestive system. But it often affetcs the internal organs (especially the heart), the nervous system, and the skeletal system, too.

What systems interact with the digestive system?

actually the skeletal system and nervous system work with the digestive system

What is the largest body system?

digestive system or the skeletal system

How do the digestive and skeletal systems work together?

The digestive system provides essential calcium requirements and other nutrients the skeletal system needs. The skeletal and digestive system are connected because they skeletal system makes the blood and if the skeleton can't make the bone the nutrients can't go to every part of our body.

Does the skeletal system work with the excretory system?

No, the skeletal system works with the muscular system. The excretory system works with the digestive system.

Is the digestive system compatible with the skeletal system?

obviously haveing a digestive system does not mean your skeletal system will malfunction nor vice versa, or else you would be dead. They are therefore compatible.

Are the digestive system and skeletal system are made of cells?

Yes. Your entire body is made of cells. Cells > tissues > organs > organ systems (such as digestive and skeletal).

How does digestive and skeletal systems interact?

i think the skeletal system protects the body and everything in it

How is the digestive system related to the exretory system?

The digestive system is related to the excretory system because the digestive system also carries out wastes from the body.

What other systems does the digestive system work with to sustain life?

Like all the systems, the digestive system works with the skeletal system. The skeletal system provides support and structure. The muscular system, as the esophagus uses muscles in peristalsis.

What systems are involved in a muscle contraction?

skeletal system, Digestive and Nervous system.

What are all the parts in the human body?

Body Part System Brain Nervous Spinal Chord Nervous Nerve Nervous Mouth Digestive And Respiratory Oral Cavity Digestive Pharynx Digestive And Respiratory Esophagus Digestive Stomach Digestive Lungs Respiratory Heart Cardiovascular Kidney Urinary(Sometimes Cardiovascular) Eyes Nervous Small and Large Intestines Digestive Appendix Digestive And Immune Liver Digestive Gall Bladder Digestive Rectum And Anus Digestive Skull Skeletal Ribs Skeletal Ureters Urinary Teeth Skeletal and Digestive Bladder And Urethra Urinary Muscles Muscular System Skeletal Muscles Skeletalvascular Whole Digestive System Smoothvascular Other Bones Skeletal Toungue Digestive And Muscular

How does the digestive system ineract with the skeletal system?

the digestive system and other organs are protected by the axial skeleton(vertebra, skull, ribs, sternum...).

What are the 4 important system of the human body?

The 4 important systems of the human body is the skeletal system, digestive system, muscular system and circulatory system.

How are the functions of the skeletal and muscular system related?

The skeletal and muscular systems are closely related. The muscular system is connected to the skeletal system through ligaments. The muscles are what makes the bones move.

How does the skeletal system help the digestive system?

It helps it by protecting all your internal organs.

How does the skeletal system works with the didgestive system?

learn to spell digestive first and then you will receive an answer.

What other system work with the skeletal system?

Your skeletal system does not work alone. The muscular , Respiratory, Digestive , Urinary , blood, circulatory, endocrine, immune, nervous system all work with the skeletal system

How is the digestive system and the immune system related?

The digestive system protcects your pecker from infection

Is digestive system related to lungs?

No. Your Lungs are part of your respiratory system, not you digestive system

How is the muscular system related to the skeletal system and the digestive system?

The muscular system uses the bones for their action. Without bones muscles would be useless at distance. Bones act like lever arms to increase the force produced by muscles. The digestive system gives nutrients to the muscles.