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Needle oral and smking

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Q: How is the drug ice administered?
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When someone is acidosis what hormone drug should be administered?

Insulin should be administered!!

Which hormones can make a person susceptible to infection when administered for too long as a drug?

Glucocorticoids can make a person susceptible to infection when they are administered for too long as a drug.

When a drug acts on the area to which it is administered is has what is know as?

local action

Is cavaraject a drug?

Caverject is indeed a drug. It is used to treat erectile dysfunction. It's administered by injection into the penis.

An inert substance that may be administered instead of a drug to see if it produces any of the same effects as the drug is called a?


Who was the last person to see Michael Jackson?

his doctor, who administered the drug that killed him.

What is a non parenteral drug?

A non-parenteral drug is one that is administered orally or by inhalation. Examples would be swallowing a pill or using an inhaler. Parenteral drugs are administered by injection or via transdermal patch (applied directly to the skin).

What is the toxicity of ganciclovir?

The toxicity profile of this drug when administered systemically includes granulocytopenia, anemia and thrombocytopenia. The drug is in pregnancy category C

How does an orally administered drug get from the GI tract to the brain?

It gets into the blood which carries it to the brain.

Do non smokers in the same room with the marijuana smokers test positive when a drug test is administered?


Is there a drug called ice?

Yes there is.

Is the drug ice a fungus?

No its methamphetamines