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energy transfer occurs due to random collision of different molecules of the objects with each other,if the objects are of equal energy,there will be no detectable heat transfer,as molecules have same energy,but in between the objects having different heats the energy transfer occurs,due to the random collision of molecules with each other.

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How does an object acquire charge?

It aquires charge when energy is transfered from one object to another object

What is meant by energy transfer?

It means energy is transfered from one object to another.

How can energy be transfered?

Q:how can energy be transfered?? A: it can be transfered by connecting kenictic energy and turbinding it into electic energy!

What is the energy transfered from something of higher temperatures to something of lower temperatures called?

It is nothing more then heat or energy being transfered to another object. It is a normal spread of energy or heat. equalibrium

What is transferd energy?

transfered energy is when all 7 forms of energy are getting transfered togather. to make energy, this is what transfered energy is.

How is heat energy transferred from one object to another?

The heat energy is basically transfered by the motion of the molecules in that material, when heat is given to a certain mass then the kinetic energy of the molecules increases, the molecules transfer heat to each other due to which when any material touches that material the molecules of that material transfer their energy to the object that is in contact. But it is important that the first material is a conductor

What happens to the thermal energy the particles in steam have when it comes into contact with your skin?

In general, when a hot object comes in contact with a cold object, heat (thermal energy) is transferred from the hotter to the colder object.

What energy can be transformed to kinetic chemical electrical or thermal energy?

It is transfered by energy mixing with potetial energyIt is transfered by energy mixing with potetial energy

How does heat conduction work?

When energy is transfered to something which conducts heat, the particles in the solid object start to vibrate. As more energy is transfered to the particles, it spreads across the solid objects particles. The hotter the solid, the more it's particles vibrate.

Why doesn't all of the gas in a car get transfered to mechanical energy?

Isn't it because some of the energy gets transfered to thermal energy?

Does energy can be transferred?

You really should learn how to read and write before asking a question on WikiAnswers. Energy CAN be transfered, and furthermore energy DOES get transfered.

How is heat energy transferd?

Heat is transfered through conduction, direct contact, convection, movement through liquids and gases, and radiation.

What are the three process that transport nenergy?

1. Radiation, where energy filled particles travel through space 2. conduction, where heat is transfered between two substances in direct contact. 3. convection, where energy is transfered from place to place by motion of gas or liquid.

How does heat travel as radiant energy?

An object at any temperature emits electromagnetic radiation, mainly from its surface. This can be infrared, or - at higher temperatures - visible light. This electromagnetic radiation can travel through empty space, or through air. If it strikes another object, the energy (or part of the energy) will be transfered to this other object.

How is energy transfered from sun to runningwhat are the processes?

well how it is transfered from the sun to runnin is tht th e sun gives yhu energy to do stuff rght ?? so it is transfered from thre to us to givve all of us energy

When thermal energy flows between two objects?

when the temperature of both object (near or touching with each other) is different. the larger the temperature difference, the more thermal energy is transfered; from the object with higher temperature to the one with lower temperature.

What is the energy transfers in headphones?

which type of energy transfered in headphone

What are the forms of energy in a tornado?

Kinetic energy. Wind energy and transfered into sound energy.

Will the idle air control valve reset itself when you install a new one?

It is transfered by energy mixing with potetial energyIt is transfered by energy mixing with potetial energy

When objects of two different temperature are in contact that happens?

The warmer object transfers heat energy to the cooler object.

How can you move an object further?

Give it more energy or reduce the friction between the object and anything with which it is in contact.

Can energy be transfered from one object to another?

energy can neither be created nor destroyed. it can only be transferred from one object to other in different forms. for eg: when water is stored in a dam , it possess potential energy but when the dam is opened for various purposes the water then is used to run the turbines using its kinetic energy.

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