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Perseus used the severed head of the Medusa - to turn the Kraken into stone.

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How the evil gorgons head was beneficial to perseus?

The gorgon's head turned others who would fight against him to stone.

How many Gorgons were there?

There were three gorgons. There head looks weird and their hair is made of snakes. If you look at them you will turn to stone. The most powerful gorgon was Medusa.

Where does medusa spend most of her time in the myths?

With her sisters, the Gorgons. Medusa and the Gorgons were also related to the Fates but the Gorgons were half reptile and half human. She also had her head cut off by Perseus, so the only place she was really spending time after that was dead on the floor with Perseus carrying around her head like some sort of trophy.

How is the evil gorgon's head is beneficial to Perseus?

Using the head of Medusa, Perseus is able to destroy the Ketos (the monster to which Andromeda was to be sacrificed) and kill the conniving Polydectes. Some versions also have him using the head to kill his grandfather Acrisius, as well.

What is the name of the creature on Athena's shield?

Athena's shield, Aegis, bares the head of Medusa, one of the three Gorgons.

What does the term 'Gorgons' refer to?

A Gorgon is a female creature or monster in Greek mythology. This term comes from the ancient Greek word gorges, meaning dreadful. Several Gorgons appear in ancient Greek literature. Medusa is a popular Gorgon in modern culture, she was a female with a monstrous face and a head of snakes instead of hair.

Did the gorgons have children?

that's easy no. i have studied the three gorgons sisters for some time.

Is Naruto an evil thing?

no way madara and orochimaru are head evil ones

Was Medusa evil?

Yes; she had serpents as hair and if you looked at her eyes you would turn to stone. She was one of the three Gorgons, monsters from mythology. Perseus could look at her eyes in the reflection of a shield and not get turned to stone; he cut off her head head put it into a bag. She was not originally evil. She was a preistess of the virgin goddess Athena and was a young a very very beautiful young woman. Poseidon decided he liked her and came and raped Medusa in Athena's temple. Athena was furious, but couldn't do anything to Posiedon because of his power. So Athena got Zeus to turn Medusa into an ugly monster to be cast away and never looked at again. Just the victim getting punished. Totally fair, right? So ya medusa is evil and she is an ancient greek species called Gorgons.

Who is gorgon?

According to Greek mythology, a gorgon is a female monstrous beast that has snakes on her head in place of hair. Medusa is the most well known of the three gorgons.

How does Goku turn evil?

When Goku came to earth he was originally evil. But he fell on his head and it changed him in some way and made him the way he his. If someone were to hit him in the head a certain way, then it is possible that he would regain the evil part of him that he lost and destroy the world.

What is the name of the evil corperation in Meg Cabot's Airhead series?

The evil corperation in Air head is stark enterprise :) xx

What is a word for 'evil' starting with the letter 'k'?

The letter K itself is evil. Particularly to the letter R, it cuts off R's head to exist.

How does your sim become head witch?

it cant there are already 2 head witches the good one and the evil one

How do you begin a speech for election of a head girl?

To begin a speech for election of a head girl briefly explain why the head girl position was chosen and how it will be beneficial for those who will be impacted by the decision.

What is the fall of Camelot?

when auther got struck in the head by an evil king

What is the pourterican death head?

a death head is a stone from ancient times. since the natives. in the islands of the Atlantic ocean,natives thought the death head was evil. so they burned it and buried the head.

Is it lucky if a crow poops on your head?

Most would say no. Crows are associated with evil.

The symbolism of the pigs head in Lord of the Flies?

The pig's head, or the Lord of the Flies itself, is a symbol of evil. It symbolizes isolation, savagery and appeasement.

Who is beastie in Lord of the Flies?

Beastie is the evil that resides in all of the boys, or as the author would say, "in all mankind". The pig's head on a stick is the physical manifestation of this evil.

Is it possible to have a evil self in dreams?

Yes, but that evil self is just something that was made up in your head. Absolutely ANYTHING is possible in dreams, like having an evil self, or turning into a dinosaur, or being eaten by the cookie monster.

What is the scarriest game?

A few off the top of my head include DOOM 3 and Resident Evil 4.

Is perseus and Hercules the same person?

No Persues is the son of Zeus and Danae while Hercules(Properly spelled Heracles in the Greek version) is the son of Zeus and Alcmene. Persues is well known for Slaying the Gorgon Medusa and using her head to defeat the Kraken and save his future wife Andromeda. Heracles on the other hand is best known for his 12 labors. Heracles' actual birth name was Alcides, and it was later changed to Heracles as an attempt by Alcmene to placate Hera and beg forgiveness for Zeus' infidelity.

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