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Because the final solution was to kill ALL Jews

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Hitlers Final Solution was to committ genocide on all the Jews in Europe.

The Holocaust, in particular the Nazi "Final Solution."

The "Final Solution" was genocide, mass murder of an entire people.

* Holocaust * Shoah * "Final solution" * Nazi genocide of the Jews

they didnt like it genocide never did

I believe the phrase to summarize the program of Nazi genocide against the Jewish people was " the final solution".

Hitler's final solution was his attempt to kill all the Jews in Europe and the Holocaust is what the genocide of the Jews during this time is called. ------------------------------------------ (in an attempt to clarify) The Final Solution is what it was called in its own time. The Holocaust is what we call it looking backwards to that time.

Genocide - killing all the Jews that the Nazis could lay their hands on. (Genocide means killing, or trying to kill, a people or race).

The final solution was the proclamation by Hitler that led to the attempted genocide of the Jewish race. It established the orders to exterminate the Jewish population and to take their property.

The "Final Solution" was genocide, and no attempt was made to justify it. After all, the Nazi régime did not tell the world was it was doing.

It was called several things: the Holocaust or as Hitler called it "the Final Solution". Another name was genocide.

It's not that they didn't ignore the genocide plot, it's because only the Nazis truly knew about the "Final Solution."

Hitler's policy towards the Jews was the "Final Solution" which was the total annihilation or genocide of the Jewish race and culture.

No. It is an example of a genocide.

The Germans at the time called it "the Final solution". The Jews to whom it was done call it the "holocaust". What ever it was called it was a genocide of massive proportions.

The final solution ended in 1945

The Final Solution was the Holocaust.

Solution is a noun and final is an adjective and the Final Solution is a noun phrase or, arguably, a proper noun.

Hitler's stated "Final solution" was the elimination of Jews. [It comes from 'The Final Solution to the Jewish question'].

The Holocaust which took place during WW2 and the Rwandan genocide of 1994 are 2 examples of genocide.

The aim of the 'The Final Solution' was to extermine the Jews as an 'inferior' race - in other words, genocide. The Nazis ended up killing approx. 6 million Jews along with around 6 million other people of other 'inferior' races or political or religious beliefs.

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