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You can tune your Flute with a piano by both you and the piano playing an A (tuning note). If its too sharp or flat you then push the mouth piece in or pull it out.

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What is the difference between the flute and the concert flute?

The concert flute is just one kind of flute. It is in C and has a C foot joint, tuned to A = 440 Hz. Other types of flutes include the B flute (can play one semitone (B) lower), or other flutes may be just tuned to another pitch.

What is pituh in mangyans instrument?

a flute which is diatonically tuned has finger-holes

What is the difference between the saxophone and the flute?

The difference is that a flute has a higher note and a saxophone has a lower note. Also, the saxophone is a vibrating reed instrument tuned by the length of the column, while the flute is a oscillating column of air instrument also tuned by the length of the column.

What is the difference between a flute and a piano?

A flute is a blown instrument without a reed, while a piano is a percussion instrument with hammers and tuned strings.

What are the members of the flute family?

There are many members of the flute family. Here are three:1. The concert flute-the flute you would normally play on in band, etc2.The piccolo- practicaly a mini flute with some changes.3.The alto flute- a flute that curves at the mouth piece and is tuned a 4th lower than the concert flutePiccolo, flute, alto flute, and bass flute

Is sheet music for the clarinet the same as sheet music for the flute?

No but it is the same as the trumpet & piano(Afgncaap8 disagrees, saying that clarinet music isdifferent from flute, and that it is the same as trumpet, but the clarinet has different music than the piano! The piano is a C instrument, whereas the typical trumpet and clarinet tend to be tuned to B-flat. However, usually the flute and the piano are both tuned to C, so their music could be the same.)

How can you play the flute if you have small hands?

You still can play the flute, just you have to adjust your fingers to play effectively and keep the fingers on the holes. But if you really want to play the flute, but can't, you can still play the piccolo or a treble flute, they're just flutes but smaller, higher, (and in the Treble flute's case) tuned in a different pitch!

What is the oldest flute used in middle ages?

The oldest flute used in the Middle Ages is unknown. However, we know that the Neanderthals used boned flutes, as long ago as 43,000 to 82,000 years ago! Their flute was tuned according to the modern diatonic scale (Do, Re, Mi, etc.), and is perfectly compatible with a modern symphony orchestra!

What is the difference between percussion instruments and tuned instruments?

Percussion instruments are instruments that can be tuned or not but tuned instruments are tuned.

What is b flat clarinet?

The Bb Clarinet is the most common type of clarinet. The Bb shows that the clarinet is tuned to that note, just like an Eb clarinet is tuned to an Eb. If a Bb clarinet and a flute both play an "A" the notes will sound different, because they are tuned to different notes. In order to make the notes sound the same, the Bb Clarinet must play a semitone up, which is a "Bb".

How are violins tuned?

They are tuned in fifths. Typically, the A string is tuned to an external sound (the oboe in most orchestras) and then the other strings are tuned to the interval using the tuned A string as a reference

Is a glockspeil tuned?

No, a glockenspiel is not tuned.

Can a timpani be tuned?

Yes, a timpani can be tuned.

Are cymbals tuned?

No, cymbals are not tuned. They're a percussion instrument, and they cannot be tuned in any way.

Is tubular a tuned bells a tuned instrument?

Yes. Each tell is tuned to a specific note.

What is the difference between tuned and un-tuned percussion instrument?

The same as the difference between a tuned and un-tuned wind instrument or string instrument.

Is a harp tuned?

Yes harps need to be tuned.

Is a Glockenspiel tuned or untuned percussion?

A Glockenspiel is most definitely a tuned percussion instrument. The keys that you strike are tuned to certain notes. Thus it is a tuned percussion instrument.

A list of woodwind instruments without a reed?

Flute, Piccolo, Bass Flute, Western concert flute, alto flute, Contra-alto flute, contrabass flute, double contrabass flute, hyperbass flute, and Irish flute.

Is a sansa a tuned or untuned instrument?

A sansa is tuned, I had trouble finding the answer for my music assignment the other day but it is tuned.

What are the different versions of the flute?

Pan Flute Piccolo Alto Flute Bass Flute Original Flute Ocarina

Can piano accordion's be tuned?

yes it can i had a piano and it wasAbel to be tuned

How are violas tuned?

They are tuned in fifths, C - G - D - A.

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