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Q: How is the foetus supplied with oxygen and food in the uterus?
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What organ carries food and oxygen from the mother to the foetus?

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How does the foetus get food and oxygen?

The fetus gets food and oxygen through the umbilical cord.

What does a fetus need?

A growing foetus needs the cord because it gives the food and oxygen from the mother into the babyThe cord feeds the baby and gives the baby oxygen.All foetus's need a cord !

What blood vessel in fetus contain the most oxygen?

In the umbilical cord you have one vein and two arteries. This vein goes to the liver of foetus. This blood vessel contains most oxygen and food in case of foetus. After birth this vessel gets obliterated to form the falciform ligament.

Where does a foetus get its food from?

Obviously from the mother herself. The foetus will take the calcium, the minerals and everything that he needs to stay alive (It looks like an human on an intravenous therapy). That's why doctors will often recommend eating more food with calcium and iron to stay strong against the ''sorption'' of nutrients from the body of the woman.

How does the fetus obtain food and oxygen?

The mother's blood supply enters the foetus via the umbillical cord and allows oxygen to diffuse from the mother's blood into the foetus.

If the placenta were to detach from the mothers uterus early would the embryo stop receiving food and oxygen?


What 2 substances need To be supplied to muscles constantly during exercise?

Organs oxygen Food Water Energy

What substance can be passed from the mother to the foetus?

Carbon dioxide and other such waste gases diffuse from the foetus and across the placenta into the mother's blood. Urea (excretory product) also diffuses into the mother's blood. (The substances in bold will answer question).

What is the process which substances pass from the mother to the foetus?

The deoxygenated blood and the baby's waste products pass from the foetus to the mother. The mother can then dispose of these through her systems.

What food is supplied in the ocean?

The food which is supplied in the ocean are known as sea foods

How does the placenta acts as the lungs for the foetus?

the blood from the mother runs alongside the blood from the foetus ;the mother's blood carries food and oxygen to the baby .The oxygen reachs the lungs and carbon dioxide +waste exits through the umbilical cord . Although they run beside each other they never mix.