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a greenhouse keeps hot air in and the chemicals we are putting in the air causes the greenhouse effect keeping hot air in causing global warming

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Is global warming and Green house effect the same?

the green house effect is caused by global warming.

Does global warming have an effect on having a green Christmas?

Does a green christmas have an effect on global warming.....yes.

What is the greenhouse effect called?

the green house effect called global warming,and the global warming is increasing day-by-day.

What is the green house effect the atmosphere provides?

Probably from global warming

Could global warming happen without the greenhouse effect?

No. The green house effect happens as a natural phenomenon, but excess of it is causing global warming on the Earth. Global warming can be caused by solar radiation, solar flares and the reduction of the magnetosphere.

How can green house effect lead to rise seas levels?

Global Warming!

What are you going to do to prevent global warming the green house effect?

It depends on the indiviual

Is global warming part of going green?

going green is to prevent global warming.

What is the link between greenhouse effect and global warming?

the theory of the green house effect is the chemicals we release trap warm are thats exiting the atmosphere and reflect it back causing global warming

Harmul effect of green house effect?

The harmful effects of greenhouse effect are:Global warmingOzone depletionFloods.

What the effect of green house effect on the ozone layer?

Greenhouse effect causes global warming. It then causes ozone depletion.

How does the Green House Effect affect our Earth?

The current researched Answer is: it causes Global Warming.

What hypotheses other than the greenhouse effect try to explain global warming?

what hypotheses other than the green house effect try to explain global warming bal bal bla bla

What has happened since our Earth has experienced the onset of the Green House Effect?

Aside from Global Warming, the 1950's discovery of the Global Warming Effect has Resulted -INTERNATIONALLY - in less funding than Attention.

Is global warming going to get worse?

If man does not take any action in reducing green-house effect and becoming Eco-friendly, global warming is definitely going to worsen.

How could you prevent the green house effect?

there is no way it depends on the weather plus it is part of global warming

What is the green issue?

the green issue is global warming

How is acid rain linked to global warming?

Acid rain is not linked to Global warming, but green house gases are the problem, they are causing global warming.

How do trees prevent global warming?

trees reduce global warming, but they can't prevent a process that is already taking place. trees obsorb CO2 and turn this into oxygen, reducing the Green house gas concentration in the atmosphere, reducing the greenhouse effect or global warming.

Global warming means that green house effect is what?

It means the greenhouse effect is still working and allowing life to flourish and exist on this planet.

Does the ozone layer cause problems with the green house effect?

Yes, it does. Ozone depletion can cause greenhouse effect and thus global warming.

Does the green house effect cause problems with the ozone layer?

Yes, it does. Global warming leads to ozone depletion.

What is green house and global warming?

it is the dramatic place to find fruits and global warming is a global state where their is globalization or pollution in an evironment

Tell you facts about carbon dioxide?

it is poisonous gas which is the cause of the green house effect and also contribute to the global warming

What are the example of the green house effect except for global warming because it is already given?

The example for greenhouse effect is in indoor farms. There it is used for planting trees.