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Without wheels, you have foot traffic, horses and some boats.

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Q: How is the life without wheels?
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How are circle used in everyday life?

Wheels are one group of circular shapes without which you would not get very far!

What would life be like without wheels?

It would be horrible. The wheel helps us get to places we neeed to go quickly.

How many wheels does a tram have?

A tram can be a monorail without wheels.

How trains wheels stay on track?

The wheels have flanges on the inside edges, they keep the wheels on the rail. The wheels would not stay on the tracks without the flanges.

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Is a wheelchair still a wheelchair if the wheels are removed? a car still a car without the wheels?

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The world does not need wheels to exist. It exists by being.

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Well you cant do anything without wheels really. But if you take of the trucks then you can finger board on ice that's what me and my friends do.

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Friction is what makes moving a chair without castors so difficult.