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The older spelling was Ó Laoghaire but is modernized as Ó Laoire.

James O'Leary (Séamas Ó Laoire)

Nora O'Leary (Nóra Ní Laoire, maiden name)

Bridget O'Leary (Bríd Uí Laoire, married name)

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Q: How is the name o'leary spelled in Irish Gaelic?
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How do you spell Aiden in Gaelic characters?

The closest Gaelic name is Aidan, spelled Aodhán in Irish Gaelicand Aodhan in Scottish Gaelic.

What does the name Jared mean in Gaelic?

It is not a Gaelic name and has no meaning in Gaelic. In the Irish language Bible it is spelled Iárad FWIW.

What is the Irish Gaelic version of Gerald?

The name 'Herbert' is spelled Hoireabard in the Irish.

What is the Irish Gaelic for 'Vincent'?

It is a surname originating from Britain and Ireland

What is the Irish for Nora?

Even with the last name in a 'Gaelic' form Irene was spelled as in English.

What is the meaning of the Gaelic name 'Sheamus'?

In Irish it is spelled Séamus/Séamas and it is the Irish for 'James';in Scottish Gaelic it is spelled Seumas, also 'James'.James is a form of Jacob ('he who takes by the heel or overreaches'in Hebrew).

How do you say 'Brian Good' in Gaelic?

Brian is spelled the same in Irish and Scottish Gaelic; Brian (pronounced breeun). Unless 'Good' is a native Irish name that has been anglicized, it would be spelled 'Good'.

How do you say Erin in Irish?

If you mean as a feminine first name, it's still spelled Erin, even if the last name is in an Irish Gaelic spelling.

How do you say Pamela in Gaelic?

It's not an Irish name so it has no meaning in Irish.

How do you spell callum in scottish Gaelic?

Scottish: Calum the Irish equivalent is Colm (pronounced kullum).

How is caitlyn spelled in Gaelic?

The name Caitlín is a girl's name in Irish first anglicized as Kathleen.It is not 'kate-lynn' in Ireland but more like 'catch-leen'.

How do you spell Meghan in Gaelic?

It's a Welsh name Megan a form of Margaret;Irish would use Peig or Peigín.Scottish Gaelic is Magaidh or Peigi.Although Megan/Meghan may sound Irish, it isn't.