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Assuming that angles are measured in radians, and angular velocity in radians per second (this simplifies formulae):

Radius of rotation is unrelated to angular velocity.

Linear velocity = angular velocity x radius

Centripetal acceleration = velocity squared / radius

Centripetal acceleration = (angular velocity) squared x radius

Centripetal force = mass x acceleration = mass x (angular velocity) squared x radius

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Q: How is the radius of rotation related to the centripetal force and angular velocity?
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What are the practical applications of Angular Speed Angular Displacement Angular Velocity and Angular Momentum?

These are used in lots of engineering problems related to rotation.

What is the relationship between a RPMs and centrepetel force?

Centripetal force is related to angular velocity in the following manner.F = m.w2rwhereF = Centripetal force [=] Nw = angular velocity [=] rad/sr = radius of rotation [=] mRPM is denoted for Round Per Minute and is the rate of revolution.RPM x 60 sec/min x 2pi rad/sec = wCentripetal force is then proportion to RPM2

How is angular velocity related to tangential velocity?

Tangential velocity = (angular velocity) x (radius). With the angular velocity measured in radians per unit time.

How do you calculate angular velocity?

It's a bit complicated to list here so please follow the related link below.

Why does drain water rotate?

Contrary to popular belief, water swirling down the drain is no related to the Earth's rotation or the Coriolis effect. The swirling vortex over the drain is likely related to angular momentum; the distance from the center of the rotation determines the speed of the rotation. o

How is constant speed and instantaneous speed alike?

Both are velocity functions. Instantaneous velocity is the derivative of the average velocity * * * * * They are both speed functions. Velocity is a vector related to speed but quite irrelevant in this context. An object rotating at a constant [angular] speed has a velocity that is continuously changing but that has no relevance.

What are the two kinds of acceleration?

There is linear acceleration which is related to motion in some given direction.a sub linear in x direction = d(v sub x) /dtThere is also angular acceleration which is related to motion following a curve, such as a circle.a sub radial = dw/dtwhere w is angular velocity in radians per second.

How do you find the velocity of a mass at half the amplitude?

Seems it is related to simple harmonic oscillation The expression for velocity v = w ./ (a2 - x2) Plug x = a/2. and get the required v. w is the angular frequency

How is velocity related dto power?

velocity like to power becaus velocity related to power.

A center-seeking force related to acceleration is force?


How is centripetal force related to newtons 2 force?

Force = mass x acceleration. Acceleration = force / mass. A force is needed to produce an acceleration (change of velocity). An object moving in a circle changes its direction, therefore its velocity changes; this requires a force, equal to mass x acceleration. (The centripetal acceleration can be calculated as a = v2 / r - speed squared divided by the radius of curvature.)

What is the adjective for rotation?

The adjective related to the noun rotation is rotational.An adjective related to the verb rotate is rotating.

Is angular speed the same as angular acceleration?

No. Acceleration and speed are related in the same way irrespective of being linear or angular. Acceleration is rate of change of speed.

How are time zones related to earths rotation?

how are time zones related to earths rotation They arent related!111!!11

How are the words rotation and day related?

A rotation happens in a day

How are The words rotation and day are related?

A rotation happens in a day

What are pi and tau?

They are both constants related to angular measure.

How are the words axis and rotation related?

When there is rotation, it is usually around an axis.

What is the relation of velocity to health and science?

Velocity is related to health in the sense that high velocity collisions are more damaging than low velocity collisions. Velocity is related to science in the sense that Newtonian mechanics deals with velocity.

How are velocity and acceleration related?

Acceleration is the rate of change of velocity.

How are acceleration velocity and deceleration related?

They both have to do with a change in velocity.

How are distance velocity and time related?

velocity= distance/time

What is the center seeking force related to acceleration called?

That is called centripetal force.

How are rotation and day related?


Velocity is related to?

The definition of velocity is the speed of something in a given direction. Therefore it's related to speed.