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Q: How is the school system structured eg Hours and ages students attend school in Tuvalu?
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When do students go back to school?

It depends on which school they attend.

What school do the Glee students go to?

The Glee students attend William McKinley High School.

Why do students have to go to school?

Students are required by law in most states to attend school at certain ages.

7 of the 20 students attend an after school art program what percent of the students attend the program?

7 divided by 20

How many days do American students attend school?

Typically around 180 days for grammar school students.

How many students attend Gilmore lane elementary?

the number of students that attend gilmore lane elementary school on preston high way is 346 students

How many students currently attend Northwestern JrSr High School?

174 students

Why Should students get paid for go to school?

Simple: Most students like money... getting/spending money. Especially getting money. Paying students to attend school will encourage them to attend more, making it easier for the school to get things such as grants that depend on the amount of students attending their school daily.

There werew 546 students at a school assembly this was 65 percent of all stucents who attend content middle school how many students attend content middle school?

There are 840 students. 65 over 100 = 546 over n (proportion)

How long does the UK students attend school?

6 years.

What percent of college students attend grad school?


How many students attend Mill Creek High School in Dacula GA?

4,000+ Students attend Mill Creek High School. It's one of the biggest high schools in the southeast.