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The smaller the aperture, the sharper the image. If your question is WHY that happens, hopefully another contributor will help out with that answer.

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Q: How is the sharpness of the image affected by the size of the aperature?
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How is image sharpness increased on radiograph?

increasing the focal spot size

What is xray penumbra?

Penumbra is lack of sharpness of the film. It is a fuzzy, unclear area that surrounds a radiographic image and is affected by focal spot size(smaller the better), film composition(larger the size of crystals less sharp the image), and movement during the exposure.

What are the main features I should look for in a flat screen TV?

The main features you should look for are: resolution, refresh rate and size. The resolution is essentially the sharpness of the image. The refresh rate is how often the image updates per second, and the size speaks for itself.

What happens when you increase the f-stop size on a camera?

When the f-stop of a camera increases in size the aperature also gets bigger

What role does the line focus principle play in radiography?

Its essentially the angulation of the face of the target on the anode to create a smaller effective focal spot size, which will improve the sharpness of the final image

How can you change the size of an JPEG image?

In Photoshop from Image > Image Size.

What is the difference between a raster and vector image?

A raster image is composed of pixels with each pixel having a specific value. A vector image is composed of instructions on how to form shapes with specific values and does not use pixels. Vector is math-based. That is why a vector image can be scaled to any size and will still retain its sharpness, whereas as raster image has a set resolution and if it is enlarged it becomes blurry.

How do you lower size of photo?

Image > Image Size.

Decrease size of image on Photoshop?

To decrease the size of an image go to image>image size>change the size to whatever you like. The dimensions that first appear are the size of your image before making any changes.

How do you change embedded document size 8.5x11 to fit image size 6x9 in photo-shop?

image-Image Size

What is font size and image size?

Font size is how large text is.Image size is how large an image, or picture, is.

How do you resize an image in Adobe Photoshop?

Resizing images are relatively easy. Just go to Image->Image Size. This will resize your image while your canvas size remains the same. The other one Image-> Canvas Size is resizing the image and the canvas size too.

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