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The speed is the MAGNITUDE of the velocity, i.e., without regard to the direction.

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The speed of a body is exactly the magnitude (size) of its velocity.

But velocity also tells in what direction the body is moving,
whereas speed doesn't.

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The speed of the body is greater than or equal to its velocity in any particular direction.

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Q: How is the speed of a body related to its velocity?
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How is speed of a body related its velocity?

Part of every velocity is a speed. Speed is the size of the velocity.But the velocity also has a direction, which the speed doesn't.'30 mph North' and '30 mph West' are the same speed but different velocity.

Velocity is related to?

The definition of velocity is the speed of something in a given direction. Therefore it's related to speed.

Can velocity of a body vary if speed of the body change?

velocity means speed of an object and in a definite direction.That shows velocity changes with speed

How is velocity related to volleyball?

By the speed

How are the mass of the body and escape speed related?

The greater the mass of the planet, the greater will be the escape velocity.

Can a body have a constant velocity but varying speed?

No. If the speed varies, the body accelerates, and velocity cannot be constant.

How is acceleration related to speed and velocity?

Velocity is the combination of speed and its direction.Any change of speed, or direction, or both, is acceleration.

What is the speed velocity of a body?

In common speech, velocity means speed, they are the same thing.

How is motion related to velocity?

If an object is in motion it has a Velocity, which is speed and direction.

Can a body have velocity and speed equal?

YES!!!!!!!!!!!! A body can have equal velocity and speed at the same time. for suppose a body is travelling at 20m/s in north direction then the speed of the body is also equal to 20m/s. hence speed and velocity are equal in this case.

How are momentum and speed related?

Momentum is calculated by Mass * Velocity (Speed is the magnitude of Velocity). If velocity increases and mass remains constant, Momentum (measured in kg m/s) increases and if velocity decreases, momentum decreases.

What is the nature of velocity time graph of a body moving with uniform retardation?

A body moving at a uniform speed may have a uniform velocity, or its velocity could be changing. How could that be? Let's look. The difference between speed and velocity is that velocity is speed.

Mass of a body multiplied by its speed?

mass x velocity = momentum. (velocity = speed with a direction)

Can a body have a constant velocity but a varying speed?

No. Velocity is speed and direction. If you change either variable, the velocity will no longer be constant.

Can a body have constant velocity but have variable speed explain?

No. Speed is the magnitude of velocity. If the speed varies, so will the velocity, even if you are moving in a uniform direction.

Can a body have constant velocity but changing speed?

No, not at all possible. But constant speed with changing velocity is possible.

Can speed of a body change if its velocity is constant?

No. A body with constant velocity is either stationary or going at constant speed in a constant direction. The usual interpretation of speed and velocity goes like this. A velocity is a vector with magnitude and direction. The magnitude is usually called its speed. Changing a speed must change the length of the vector and changing the length of the velocity vector has to change the velocity.

How are speed and motion related terms?

Speed is a scalar, motion (or velocity) is a vector.

How is speed and acceleration related?

Acceleration is the change in velocity ("speed") over time.

What happens to the velocity of a moving body if you change the speed at which the body is moving?

The velocity changes. called acceleration.

Can the speed of a body be constant still varying its velocity?

Yes. Velocity is rate (or speed) in a given direction. If you change your direction but not your rate (or speed) then you have changed your velocity without changing speed.

How are frequency speed and wavelength related?

they are related by the equation velocity=frequency*wavelength

Can a body have zero velocity and still be accelerating?

No. A velocity indicates a speed and direction. An acceleration is a change in speed or direction.

How is constant speed and instantaneous speed alike?

Both are velocity functions. Instantaneous velocity is the derivative of the average velocity * * * * * They are both speed functions. Velocity is a vector related to speed but quite irrelevant in this context. An object rotating at a constant [angular] speed has a velocity that is continuously changing but that has no relevance.

Whats the difference between average velocity and instantaneous velocity?

the instantaneous velocity or speed is the speed a body travels at a particular and average velocity is the total distance an object