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Q: How is the temperature of the thermosphere measured?
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Why is th temperature in the thermosphere not measured with a thermometer?

because the thermometer measures up to 108 degrees c

What is the temperature for the thermosohere?

What is the temperature for the thermosphere

What are the temperatures like in the thermosphere?

The temperature in the thermosphere is very warm.

What are characteristics of the Thermosphere?

One is......... The temperature rises as you go up into the Thermosphere.

Why is thermosphere called the thermosphere?

the thermosphere gets it's name from it's extrmely high temperature, which cn be above 1,000'c.

Why the thermosphere has a very high temperature?


What temperature is in the thermosphere?

2000 degrees c

What layer in the atmosphere has the highest temperature?


Where does the hottest temperature occur in the atmosphere?


What layer of the earth's atmosphere has the highest temperature?

The Thermosphere, which can reach temperatures up to 2,500�° C (4,500�° F).

Is the temperature in the thermosphere and exosphere very cold?


What happens to temperature in the thermosphere when altitude increases?

It increases.