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The Trombone is held with both hands. Your left hand should form a gun with your thumb and index finger. After this you will put the left hand over the bar with the bell and your index finger will go over the humps on the mouthpiece. Then the right hand goes on the bar of the actual slide and and you use your index, middle, and thumb to hold this bar. The thumb side with the finger nail should be facing you and the other two fingers should be on the other side. Then you can play the trombone. If this does not help you, this website should help (see related link).

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What is trombone in Italian?

Trombone is trombone in Italian.

What is a big trombone?

A bigger trombone is usually a bass trombone.

What is a big trombone called?

A 'big trombone'? Possibly a bass trombone

What the different slide trombone and valve trombone?

A valve trombone has valves.

Does trombone has three values?

A trombone has no valve- only a slide. A valve trombone, or a marching trombone, though, have three valves.

Is the James Morrison YSL456GJ trombone a profesional or intermediate trombone?

it is a professional trombone

Is trombone a sport?

no. trombone is a musical instrument. I have not heard of a trombone sport before

What is the difference between a bass trombone and a trigger trombone?

I possess a bass trombone that has a trigger, and I know that mine is only called a bass trombone. I don't think trigger trombone is an actual type of trombone, but that it is one and the same.

Who blew the trombone?

The trombone player.

What is a trombone and trumpet mix?

A valve trombone.

What does t trombone mean?

Tenor Trombone.

How do the valves work on a trombone?

there are no valves on a trombone

How do you draw a trombone?

you draw a trombone Trace it.

Is there any famous trombone composers that are also trombone players?

Gustav Holst played trombone.

What can a trombone do?

Make noise and is really cool! A trombone can do more than make noise and yes, it is really cool what is does. A trombone is good for slurs in music because of the slide mechanism. If anybody thinks that the trombone is hard to play, it isn't hard to play. If you regret playing the trombone, it is worth it! I have played trombone for two years and I am trying to be a trombone extraordinaire or a master of the trombone.

What is a bazooka?

A bazooka is an American shoulder-held rocket launcher, or a primitive trombone with wide tubes.

What is a type of trombone?

There is a tenor trombone, which is just a normal trombone, which has either one or no triggers. Then there is a bass trombone which has two triggers and is generally used for lower notes.

What is a bass trombone?

A bass trombone is a trombone with the same fundamental pitch as the tenor, but a fuller, weightier sound.

What vibrates in a trombone?

Your lips are what vibrate when playing a trombone.

What family is the trombone in?

The trombone is part of the brass family.

What is the trombone made out of?

The traditional material for the trombone is brass.

Where was the trombone developed?

The trombone was developed in Northern Italy.

Is a tuba a big trombone?

No a trombone is verry different

What is the lower version of a trombone called?

Bass trombone

Is a trombone a chordophone?

Chordophones are stringed instruments, which a trombone is not.