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Plants breathe Co2 and we breathe Oxygen.

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Q: How is the way plants breathe different from the way we breathe?
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What do plants do when you and other humans breathe out?

when you breathe out, plants breathe in.

Do the plants breathe?

yes the plants do breathe

Where plants breathe in?

plants breathe in through their stomata which is on their leaves.

What do you breathe when you breathe out?

Humans breathe out carbon dioxide, the whole world runs in a motion, for example plants breathe carbon dioxide, we breathe in oxygen. Even fish breathe oxygen. They take the oxygen out of the water. So we breathe in what plants breathe out and plants breathe in what we breathe out.

How do volvox breathe If you know anything else about volvox please tell me?

They respire the same way plants do, with oxygen molecules.

How do plants breathe daily?

Plants "breathe" constantly. Not just daily.

Why does plants breathe?

Why do people breathe ? Plants need oxygen too .

What are 3 reasons you need plants?

One reason is cuz u need it to breathe its photosythesis. We breathe out carbon dioxide plants breathe that in and breathe out oxygen which we breathe in. Without plants we would die.

Does coral breath?

Not in the way you are probably thinking of breathing. They undergo photosynthesis, as they are plants, which means they absorb CO2. This is plants version of "breathing" .

What is oxyen?

its what you breathe and what plants breathe out while they breathe that out they breathe in carbon diOxide and we breathe it out.

What do you breathe out and plants breathe in?

Carbon Deoxide

Why does plants do not breathe from stem?

The stem cells are used to grow different types of organs in the plant. The tissues of the plants breathe in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, not the stem cells. This process is called photosynthesis.