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How is the weather on Uranus?

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Smelly, moist, foliage

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Does Uranus have weather?

no there is no weather on uranus

Weather on Uranus?

The weather on uranus is very COLD.

What weather does Uranus have?

Uranus has cold, slimy and damp weather.

What is the weather in Uranus?

the weather is cold,rainy,wet, and slimy. uranus is a specile planet

Weather of Uranus?

It is very cold and wet in Uranus

What is Uranus weather?

Uranus's weather is cold

Does weather change rapidly in Uranus?

No it doesn't the temperature is cold on Uranus, and it doesn't warm up so there is no large changes in Uranus' weather.

How can the weather be in Uranus?

very cold!

What is the terrain and weather in Uranus?


What is the the weather like on Uranus?

Uranus has extreme seasons because it spin axis lies nearly in the plane of its orbit. Please click on "Weather on Uranus" under "Related links" below.

What type of weather occurs on Uranus?


What is the weather on uranus one week ago?

it has 30

Is there any other weather related information in uranus?


What kind of weather conditions are on Uranus?

Constant coldness.uranus is mostly cloudy because uranus is so far from the sun hehe haha shaelyn rox

What is the weather like on Uranus and is it cold or hot?

very cold

What kind of weather occurs on uranus?

it si very windy

What is the weather like on uranus in Celsius?

-218 degrees Celsius

Does Uranus have different kind of weather?

Yes uranus has different weather than earth because it is far away from the sun therefore it is cold all the time and also it's cloudy

What are the weather conditions on Uranus?

colder than winter in new york

What is the weather on uranus?

at times Uranus can be hot and sunny but storms can get rough and wind speeds can get up to 900km/hr. And uranus is tilted 99 degrees so the south pole gets heat then the north pole gets heat and the weather can vary at different times so it could be horrible weather one day then the next day it could be beautiful.

What kind of weather is on uranus?

cold and wet on one side hot on the other

What are some hazards in Uranus?

i think that the hazards are tempature, weather, and starvation/dehydration

Which planet has weather?

Earth Jupiter Uranus all of them I think they have wind and storms of a kind

Is Uranus tilted on its side?

Yes. Uranus has an axial tilt of 97.77 degrees, so its axis of rotation is approximately parallel with the plane of the Solar System. This causes it to have really funky weather cycles.

What is Uranus named before it was named Uranus?

they did not have a fist name for uranus they had numbers for uranus before uranus was named uranus