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White wire is for signal voltage and the black wire sends the voltage to the battery, orange/red wire is your field wire that goes out to your external regulator, also there is a signal wire that goes to your battery gauge inside the cab.

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How do you connect black and white wires to a 12 volt battery?

If you have a houseboat or an RV, the wiring is the same as a house. The black is the hot and it goes to the positive, the white is the neutral and goes to the negative. If you are not certain, contact the manufacturer of your watercraft.

Can you replaced a 98 alternator with a 95 Honda civic alternator?

you need to cut the 4 wires and joint blue with white red , black/yellow with black/yellow , white/blue with white blue and white yellow ----> white green

How do you replace the alternator on a 1980 Volvo 240 GL?

Disconnect battery....... then the screw on terminal goes to battery( thick red wire)........ the green or white goes to Alternator field.........the Black to Regulator -ve......the red or brown goes to reg. +ve.....There should be a plug, its pretty straight forward.

Why is the white wire white?

To tell it from the black wire. Just a standard in residential wiring.

Dc Wiring color code?

black with white stripe=positive solid black =negetive

What colors of red black and white on car wiring correspond to blue white and yellow wires on replacement power mirror?

White to Yellow, Black to White, Blue to Red.

Toyota pickup 1994 wiring harness color code?

I know for the 6 wire wiring harness that goes to the voltage regulator white=Battery, red=ignition, yellow=charge, but Im not sure what green, blue, or the white one that has a black strip. Im also trying to figure out what these mean.

Is the black wire the the hot wire?

In the US, for AC electrical wiring: any color not white, gray or green (usually black or red) = HOT White = Neutral (current carrying) Green = Ground Different color conventions are used in other countries, and also in wiring for autos and electronics. For example, in most DC circuits in electronics, the black wire is ground or battery negative and the red wire is positive.

95 prizm male-female connectors to alternator broken in crash how do the 3 color coded wires match up eng harness white yellow red alternator white yellow black?

Red and black, yellow together, white together.

Is the black wire with white stipes on a battery charger a positive or negative?

Black = Negative Black + White = Positive Tried and tested.

Which is the positive wire between a white and black wire?

That depends if it is automotive or household wiring. On a car a black wire is almost always ground. On house wiring black is the supply (hot) wire.That depends if it is automotive or household wiring. On a car a black wire is almost always ground. On house wiring black is the supply (hot) wire.

Is their a difference between a black battery and a white battery in a 2002 s500 Mercedes Benz?

white black, brown baige, does not matter what matters is the Amp. See if it has the same power or Amp.

Wiring Color codes for kenwood kdc-2022?

Red - +12v Ignition/Switched Yellow - +12v Battery/Constant Black - Chassis Ground Blue - Power Amplifier Blue/White - Power Amplifier Remote +++++++++++SPEAKERS+++++++++++ Green - LR+ Green/Black - LR- Violet - RR+ Violet/Black - RR- White - LF+ White/Black - LF- Grey - RF+ Grey/Black - RF-

Is common wire white or black?

In residential wiring white is common or neutral. It is bonded to ground at main panel.

Kenwood wiring colors?

Kenwood stereo and speaker wiring colors are; black, red, white, green, yellow and orange. Black is the ground wire and red is the power wire.

Which is the positive wire between the red and white?

White is neutral in home wiring. Red is sometimes used in 3-way switches and dimmer applications, so it is likely red is hot in your application if it pertains to home wiring. The term positive would just apply to DC wiring since AC goes positive and negative. For example your car battery has Red as Positive and Black as Negative.

Car stereo pioneer deh-p410 wiring?

Red - 12 V Ignition/switched (+) Black - (-) Chassis - or To Battery Ground Blue/White - Power antenna, or amp remote. Yellow - Constant hot 12 V (+) To Battery Brown - Memory - Constant Hot 12 V (+) Speakers: White - LF speaker + White/Black - LF speaker - Gray - RF speaker + Gray/Black - RF speaker - Green - LR speaker + Green/Black - LR speaker - Purple - RR speaker + Purple/Black - RR speaker -

Where does the white wire connect on a six volt battery?

You don't say what you are connecting to the battery. If you have a black and white wire the best guess would be white to negative terminal and black to positive terminal. If you were connecting a 6V light bulb it really doesn't matter.

How to wire Tekonsha Prodigy brake controller to a 2008 GMC Sierra Pickup wiring harness. Controller wiring pig tail has black blue red and white wires?

Black wire Directly to Positive side of Battery with a20 or 30 amp auto reset circuit breaker in line. White wire Direct lead to Negative ground side of battery. Red wire To cold side lead at stoplight switch. Blue wire Break output to trailer Newer vehicles have a plug in under the drivers side of dash but older ones have to be wired directly. They sell wiring harnesses seperatly for about $15. If you wire an older vehicle, make sure you run your battery wires directly to the battery and not in another circuit.

How do you replace an old light fixture with two sets of black white and ground wires with a new fixture that only has one set of black white and ground wires?

Connect black to black and white to white from the switch. Your old fixture may have had wiring for multiple bulbs so they could be switched separately.

Two wire what is the ground black or white?

black wire is hot wire .And the white is the common or white is ground. Depends on what your talking about in an outlet or car battery. In a outlet the ground wire is green or bare copper. neutral is red and hot is black (I remember it by hot can kill you so black is death) if I am not mistaken. As for a car battery i think it's the opposite red is hot and black is neutral.

How do you connect a battery lead to send power to a seat motor?

the motor should have two leads, usually a black and a white. connect the white to the fusebox and the black to a ground.

1979 Ford F-150 there are 3 wires for the alternator one is black with red stripe one is red and the other is white which one goes where?

1979 ford f150 there are 3 wires for the alternator one is black with red stripe one is red and the other is white which one goes where?"

What is the voltage regulator located on a 1974 Mercury Cougar XR7 5.8 351C?

it's inside the alternator, and is probabaly causeing overcharging of the battery (you might see white foam(battery acid)on the ground under the car) you can't buy and individual voltage regulator though, you have to buy a new alternator

Which of the two wires is hot which is neutral?

If this is a home wiring question and the wires are black and white then black is Hot and white is Neutral. If you also have a red wire, it is the other hot wire, and either the black or the red wire to the white one would be 120 volts, and red to black would be 240 volts.