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How is the world different with cars invented?


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in the olden days they had to crank up their cars to get their car started

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The first cars were invented before 1900. Many different people invented cars in the whole of the 1900s (20th century).

Ther are a lot of different types of cars in the many to list!

There were cars well before World War 2. Before World War 1 even.

there are about 5,000 to 10,000 different cars out there.

No. Because some cars are different.

it was invented so that people could have glass instead of sometghing different to decorate there house or cars.

No, cars were invented at the end of the 1800s

Henry Ford invented Ford cars.

No, cars were not invented in the thirteenth century, they were actually invented in the seventeenth century.

cars were first invented in the late 19th century

There are no answers for this question.

No. Ferdinand Verbiest invented the first car in the year 1672. Many different people contributed to the final version of the car that we know today, but cars were around LONG before 1960.

The answer is: julia dela cruz she invented toy cars in 1958 with her dad being invented sounds like a Wednesday thing....?

well, a car is is most likely to be invented everyday... so who knows! :)

No one invented classic cars. In general, cars over the age of 25 years are considered antique or classic.

cars are manufactured all around the world for different tipe of cars or different tipe of brands such as Holden, Ford, Toyota and Fulitzu. They manufactured in a factory with many different processes including panting, spraying and sanding.

It was invented when they first invented cars which was in 1887

it was made when someone invented it in 1884 when this man invented normal they just counted those and made them into race cars

World War 2 cars were much tougher than today's cars, and today's cars can go much faster, there are more differences to them too so these aren't the only two differences.

the cars were invented in the early 1900's.

Enzo Ferrari invented and opened a whole new world of sports cars.

Electric cars were first made about the same time as petrol cars were invented. In fact, if batteries were better, we might not have even invented petrol powered cars.

Antifreeze properties of some liquids were known about long before cars were invented.

Automobiles - self-powered motorised vehicles - were invented by several people at various times in different parts of the world.There are many names which can be cited. Here is just a very short list:Trevethick (a Cornishman) who invented the first steam-powered vehicleBenz and Daimler (both Germans) who invented cars powered by gasoline engines andDiesel (also a German) who invented the first vehicle powered by a type of fuel oil which soon became known as "Diesel".

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