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throwing away plasic causes the environmental habits to suffer

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Q: How is throwing away plastic bad for the environment?
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What keep things colder aluminum foil or plastic wrap?

If the object is warm to begin with, aluminium foil, as it is a metal and so will conduct the heat out into the environment. (Metals feel cold because they are good conductors and so conduct the heat out of you when you touch them). If the object is cold to begin with, plastic wrap, as it is a poor donductor and will not allow heat from the environment to enter the object easily. (Plastics feel warm because they do not conduct the heat away when you touch them).

Are dishwashers bad for the environment?

No, dishwashers are not bad for the environment. Most of the dishwashing powders and liquids are made with biodegradable materials that do not affect the ozone.

Is fire good or bad?

Both Good for keeping you warm; Bad for the environment

is plastic good or bad What will happen if we throw it in soil or any water bodies?

good its not bad

What are bad things about paper bags?

Plastic bags are bad for the environment because with all the growing plastic bags (which are not biodegradable) blowing around, anything can ingest it.Animals and everything. also the materials to make plastic bags contribute to the global emissions.Plastic degradation at sea takes between 45-1000 years.Usually though, plastic bags don't biodegrade. They photo-degrade. Which means they break up into smaller pieces of plastic until eventually becoming plastics dusts.Plastic which ends up in the sea (through garbage dumps at seaside, river flow etc) winds up becoming food for marine life that mistake it for food especially of the jellyfish variety.Plastics bags have been found in the stomachs of endangered animals including the leatherback turtles, harbour porpoises and black footed albatross. Ingestion (swallowing) of plastic bags can result in blockages, internal infections, starvation and death.These occur in deserts as well (garbage dumpsites in deserts) where camels and other desert wildlife have been found dead with plastic ingestion.If animals don't die from plastic ingestion, they pollute the food chain instead. After all, we are the ones eating fish and meat.Moreover, it takes about 430,000 gallons of oil to produce 100 million non-degradable plastic bags. And we use 4 trillion to 5 trillion plastic bags worldwide annually. That's using up oil sources without recycling them.Recycling cost of plastic bags: it takes 250 bags to make 1 kilo of plastic - making recycling economically unviable. Furthermore, plastic is made of recycled materials, making them difficult to be further recycled. Burning plastic results in air pollution and toxic ash.

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Are synthetics bad for the environment?

Some materials like plastic are bad for the environment.

Are synthetic materials bad for the environment?

Some materials like plastic are bad for the environment.

How are hybrid cars made?

It is made out of plastic so you can produce it and help the environment. Plastic is bad for the environment.

Why is throwing paper bad?

It will waste the water supply and too many plastic bottles will be made

Is throwing food away at lunch bad for your health?

It all depends on what you are throwing away - healthy food or junk food. If you throw out healthy food and eat only junk then doing so is very bad for you.

What is the difference between a Styrofoam cup and a plastic cup?

Plastic is bad for the environment and foam isnt

Is clear plastic man-made?

yes, clear plastic is man-made and is very bad for the environment

Is it illegal to throw away batteries?

No, but it is extreamly bad for the environment

Is leather bad for the environment?

Some would say Yes. But it's old school recycling. Instead of throwing usable material away (animal hides) they are made into leather products which have a good life span and are durable products. Making the most out of animal by products is good for the environment.

Is burning plastic bad for the environment?

it depends its hazardous to burn a couple of plastics as such silage film,hay bags,bale wrap and woven tarps.

Why are plastic bags bad for babies?

ummm... YES... very bad a baby can suffocatte and die and unless you want you want your baby to die keep it away from plastic bags

How safe is the plastic bottle?

it is only not safe when it is left in heat or the sun. Plastic botles also are bad for the environment because oil is used to make the plastic and some people throw their bottles anywhere. it wouldn't be so bad for the environment if everyone carried one around instead of buying one every time they wanted water.