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Too much sleep is definitely bad for you, it makes you gain weight. And you are also missing out on meals, and when you get up your going to just want to eat, it wont be in different portions. I recommend 8-10 hours of sleep every night. However, if we sleep 7 hours a day, that can also be bad for us. I sleep 9 hours every night, and I have woke up healthy for the past 29 years. Just sleep for 8-10 hours every night, and everything will be just right :)


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No,Sleep is good for the brain, the mouth, and the immune system

Well too much of anything is bad for you and i would think so. Also too much of being awake can too.

Someone can sleep too much, but too much sleep can weaken your sleep system.Your body is not awake for long enough to absorb enough sunlight.

My sister told me that if you get way too much sleep, you'll die.

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too much of anything is bad.

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Well, if you don't get enough sleep, bags can form under your eyes. Obviously. Getting enough sleep can help get over minor illness', also. Getting too much sleep can start shrinking your muscles and working organs. They will start disintegrating, because you're body is not getting the right nutrients. Too much sleep can harm your body, too.

Hypersomnia means too much sleep. Hypersomnia can be a symptom of depression.

you take bad care of them and don't let them sleep too much!

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too much sleep will make you lazy. too much sleep will also cause you to have a hard time sleping in the night plus you will find it hard for you to wake up early in the morning which is fantastic btw

The cast of Too Much Sleep - 1926 includes: Arthur Lake

It's not so much that if you sleep too much you'll get fat; it depends more on what kind of food you eat and the amount of excersise you get.

No, unless if you use too long. You can get pretty bad eye-strain if you're on it for too long.

Well puppies sleep can sleep for up to 16 hours (I think) so I belive if your puppy is sleeping for over 24 hours at a time that would be a bad sign. P.S. I may be getting this information confused with a kitten!

Too much sleep is very non productive Production is the basis of morale Too much sleep = Low morale Too little sleep is not good either Sleep until you feel well rested Make up for lost sleep as soon as possible If you wake up and can not get back to sleep = low blood sugar If you can not fall asleep in a dark quite room = Low Calcium and /or High Cortisol

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Eating too much of anything is a bad thing. That's why its called "too much"

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