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In bombs and nuclear power plants

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Q: How is uranium commonly used?
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What alloys are most commonly used in Uranium?


Why are uranium isotopes commonly used for nuclear fission reactions?

Uranium 235 (fissile), uranium 238 (fertile)

Whats most commonly used fuel for nuclear reactors is?


One commonly used in nuclear power plants?


What is the most commonly used fuel in these power plants is uranium?


Was uranium ever used in smoke detectors?

no. The most commonly used radioactive material is Americium

What fuel is most commonly used for nuclear fission?

Typically, Uranium. In most Pressurized Water Reactors, Uranium-235 or -239.

What elements are commonly used to generate electricity from nuclear energy?

Uranium or Thorium.

The element most commonly used as a fuel in nuclear fission reaction is?


What are the most commonly used elements?

The most commony used elements would be precious metals such as gold and silver. Copper, steel, uranium and fluorine are also commonly used.

What is the radioactive metal used in nuclear power plants?

Most commonly uranium or plutonium.

The two commonly used fissile materials in atomic fission weapons are?

Uranium and Plutonium

The fuel most commonly used in fission reactions is?

Uranium-235, Plutonium-239

Which isotope is most commonly used as fuel in nuclear power plant?

Uranium 235

What element is used as the source of nuclear power?

Most commonly used material to produce nuclear energy in Uranium.

What element forms nitrate used in photographic toners?

Uranium is commonly used in the nitrate in photographic toners. and good luck with that crossword puzzle

What ore is commonly used in nuclear power plants?

The primary uranium ore mineral is uraninite (UO2) or pitchblende (UO3, U2O5), commonly collectively refered to as U3O8(the most stable form). A range of other uranium minerals can be found in various deposits.

What are the 2 isotopes that are commonly used in nuclear fission reactor?

== You'll find that uranium-235 is the most commonly used radionucliee, and plutonium-239 can be used as well, though the latter is selected as a fuel choice much less often. An extremely distant third is uranium-233. Links can be found below.

What is uranium used for in biology?

Uranium is not used in biology.

Is uranium used in medicines?

Uranium is not used in medicines.

What element is used to form Nuclear fission?

There are different elements for different types of nuclear bombs, but for nuclear fission, the most commonly used are: Uranium and Plutonium.

Is radioactive material used to generate nuclear energy?

Fuels used in nuclear reactors are, indeed, radioactive. Uranium or plutonium are the most commonly used fuels, and both are radioactive.

What is uranium most commonly found in?

The most common uranium minerals are uraninite (pitchblende) and carnotite. Also uranium is a by-product in the mining of gold, vanadium, phosphates.

What are the least commonly used metals?

Radioactive metals like uranium, titanium which emit alpha, beta & gamma rays.

How is used uranium disposed of?

The uranium is used for fuel for cars and rockets