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Q: How is vertical turret lathe desined?
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What is a vtl machinist?

this is a vertical turret lathe you stand the workpiece on a horizontal chuck

What is a large cnc vtl operator?

VTL = Vertical Turret Lathe with computer numerical control (CNC)

What is Turret Lathe well known for?

There is no such person as Turret Lathe. A turret lathe is a metal lathe that is used in manufacturing to repetitively produce duplicate parts. This can make a production line run smoother.

How does turret lathe differ from engine lathe?

A turret lathe has a toolholding turret in place of a tailstock. The tools in the turret can be used to perform multiple cutting operations without the need to change tools, while when operating a conventional engine lathe, changing tools is necessary.

What are the differences between ram type turret lathe and saddle type turret lathe?

There are two types of VTLs , one is ram type and another is turret type. question asked is slightly confusing. He mean to say Ram and turret.

Differentiate between capstan lathe and turret lathe?

They are essentially the same machine. Capstan is British usage, Turret, US. One old and still technically correct usage of Capstan was the (Turnstile winch) were Bars were extended and seamen walked round and round to weigh the anchor. Almost certainly this inspired the lathe term, as this is a maritime country (UK). The Wheel or circular component on a capstan lathe, however is usually three spoked and Vertical and drives the ram ( containing the usually hexagonal turret- 6 tools) back and forth into the work. They are or were very popular in the automotive sector for fabricating standard parts.

What are differences between Capstan Lathe and Turret lathe Explain with the help of diagram?

Difference between capstan lathe and turret lathe:S.NoCapstan latheTurret lathe1It is a light duty machineIt is a heavy duty machine2The turret head is mounted on the ram and the ram is mounted on the saddle.The turret head is directly mounted on the saddle and the saddle slides over the bed ways3The saddle will not be moved during machiningThe saddle is moved along with the turret head during machining4The lengthwise movement of turret is lessThe lengthwise movement of turret is more5Short work pieces only can be machined.Long work pieces can be machined6It is easy to move the turret head as it slides over the ramIt is difficult to move the turret head along with saddle7The turret head cannot be moved crosswiseThe turret head can bbe moved crosswise in some turret lathes8As the construction of lathe is not rigid, heavy cut cannot be givenAs the construction of lathe is rigid, heavy cut can be given9It is used for machining work pieces up to 60mm diameterIt is used for machining work pieces up to 200mm diameter10Collet is used to hold the work pieceJaw chuck is used to hold the work piece

What is the difference between turret lathe and conventional lathe?

A turret lathe has six-usual tools arranged in the order of use on a rotating turret which is cycled by a large wheel or (Turnstile) like contrivance- in fact some lathe makers calle them Turnstile lathes. the British prefer the term Capstan lathes, the Capstan being that old extended bar device ( somewhat resembling a turnstile) used by seamen to manually raise the anchor- in old Pirate films, etc. The Capstan or Turnstile is oriented vertically, like a steering wheel. they usually have six stops on a hexagon turret. For this reason, a number of automobile makers had hexagonal trademarks such as Essex and Packard- a mark of homage to the machines used to make the parts!- the Turret Lathe.

Give the type of lathe machine?

Two categories; Woodworking lathes, Metalworking lathes. Sub-categories; Woodworking; Spindle turning, Scrolling, Bowl turning. Metalworking; Collet Lathe, Capstan Lathe, Centre Lathe, Turret Lathe. Punch Card Lathe. CNC lathe. Copy Lathe, Watchmakers Lathe, Metal Spinning Lathe,Automatic Lathe, And a very simple small Lathe used by watchmakers and Instrument workers called "A Turns".

What is profiling on lathe machine?

Vertical milling machine is for cutting large pieces. The lathe cutting tool motion is perpendicular to the ground. They are said to Karosl lathe.

Which turret lathe has rods?

All turret lathes have rods. These rods are called feed rods and their purpose is to transfer mechanical power from the main drive and gearbox of the lathe to the apron attached to the saddle. This enables automatic movement of the saddle enabling unassisted cutting of a workpiece once the feed is engaged.

Is the boring process linked to the lathe?

A lathe is capable of boring but the boring process is linked or associated with to a vertical or horizontal boring mill.

What are the classification of lathes?

Lathe with different lengths from 0.5 meters to 12 meters. vertical lathe machine for large and heavy parts. automatic machines for high production. Lathe NC, CNC

How a lathe is specified?

While the turret lathe in it's perfected form is now a complete machine, the turret idea was first applied to engine lathes, and turret attachments are so universally popular that most of the lathe manufacturers now make them of dimensions suitable for their lathes, and attach them either to the lathe carriage or to a special bed which may be fastened to the lathe bed upon the removal of the tail-stock. A great variety of work may be done in the turret lathe, its principal rival being the automatic screw machine, whose economy lies principally in the fact that one operator may take care of a number of machines, each of these machines depending principally for their success upon the turret with its multiplicity of tools. And this idea of a turret carrying from four to eight tools is applied in a great variety of ways and to a large variety of machines on account of the ease with which any desired tool may be brought into a working position. The head-stock of a turret lathe is made in several ways, from that of a plain head withoutback gears to one with a large variety of speeds, controlled by handles operating clutches, or friction driving devices, or both, and which may be operated while the machine is in motion. In some cases the head-stock is cast in one piece with the bed, in others fitted to it in a similar manner to that of an ordinary lathe. In still others the head has a transverse movement on the bed upon which it slides and its movement is easily controlled by the operator. The turret is designed and constructed in a variety of forms, but principally either circular or hexagonal. It is mounted usually in a horizontal position, that is with its axis vertical, but still in some of the best machines, notably the Gisholt, it is pivoted in an inclined position, the object being to bring the long tools, made necessary by a large machine, up out of the way of the operator as they swing over the front of the machine.

Difference between Vertical drill machine and lathe machine?

vertical drill machine is only specified for drilling only whereas various job can be done by using Lathe machine. in lathe machine the job rotates, on the contrary in drilling machine the spindle rotates. Relatively high speed can be given in drilling machine than lathe machine.

What is the abbreviation VTL used for?

The abbreviation VTL is used for many things. A few of them are virtual tape library, vehicle and traffic law and vertical turret lathe. Velocity template language and view template library are also included in the list of what the abbreviation VTL stands for.

Who desined the Australian flag?

bobie boneed desined it

Why drilling with vertical drill machine is more efficient than lathe machine?

For simple drilling, the vertical drill press is faster to use.

Types of milling machine?

universal milling machine ,vertical and horizontal turret milling machine, knee type milling machine,turret milling machine,drilling milling machine

What are the different types of lathes?

Metalworking lathes:Center lathe / Bench Lathe / Engine LatheCNC LatheCapstan and Turret LatheToolroom LatheSwiss-Style LatheCombination LatheGang Tool LatheBrake LatheWheel LatheMini Lathe or Micro LatheMultispindle LatheWoodworking LathesWatchmaker's LathesCue LathesOrnamental Turning LathesRotary LathesMetal Spinning LathesGlassworking LathesReducing Lathes

What is a sentence for turret?

turret is a tower

Why there are only even numbers of tools in a turret lathe?

I certainly don't think that is true. In practice it is easier to machine anything that has an even number of sides, since the opposite side are parallel.

What sentence use the word turret?

A turret is a tower. The guards gathered at the top of the turret.

Is the roof of a car called a turret?


What is the best turret in edgeworld?

hi i am the guy who asked this question. its between turrets which costs incendiary cores to upgrade. it is basicly which is the best between incendiary turret, anti-tank turret, corrosive turret, sniper turret and heavyweight turret.