Orcas (killer whales)

How killer whales eat?


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a killer whale eats fish...........


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killer whales do eat puffins killer whales do eat puffins

yes killer whales do eat pilot whales

No, killer whales do not eat octopus. killer whales eat seals fish and walrus.They are carnivores.

No. Kiler whales eat grey whales .๐Ÿ˜

No, killer whales are carnivores and do not eat plants.

Killer whales kill and eat great white if a great white killer a orca ( although it couldnt) it would eat it

A killer whale has no predators.

yes! you are a sicko dont eat killer whales

No. Killer whales are carnivorous, and they eat nothing but meat.

A Killer Whale Can Kill alot of Whales and eat alot of Whales

Whales are predators, they eat from plankton, to squid, to even sharks (killer whales eat sharks but to be honest there dolphins). Killer Whales also eat other whales.

Only killer whales do.

Adult Great White Sharks eat Adult Killer Whales.

Yes, they can eat other whales.

no they don't because they don't posses such mouth which can eat killer whales .They are also very weak if we compare them with killer whales.

Killer whales, and maybe Humpbacks. Killer whales, definitely

The only kind I know about are killer whales.....

no, killer whales eat any dolphin they can find + they even eat whales bigger than them

Killer Whales do eat sharks. mako, great whites.etc"

No, the killer whales didn't eat everything do they see...

For killer whales, the answer is....practically everything

yes because killer whales aredumb

large sharks eat killer whales

KIller Whales do not attack sharks and they do not attack anything that they see. Killer Whales only eat small sharks and fish because No creatures are mindless killers there is always a reason

There are no recorded cases, of killer whales eating humans.

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