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Persian Gulf

How large are oil deposits in the Persian gulf?

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Yes, most Mexican oil and gas deposits are located in the Gulf of Mexico.

Kuwait is an "oil nation on the Persian Gulf"Kuwait is one.

Because it contains a large part of the world's oil.

The lowlands along the southern Gulf of Mexico has some of the largest deposits of oil and natural gas. It also includes offshore deposits, located on both the shallow and deep waters within the Gulf itself.

The Persian Gulf supplies most of the US's oil needs.

The Gulf countries export oil.

The Straight of Hormuz allows oil tankers to enter and leave the Persian Gulf.

The lake is Lake Maracaibo, actually a brackish bay off the Gulf of Venezuela.

The BP oil spill occurred in the Gulf of Mexico. The Gulf War oil spill occurred in the Persian Gulf in Kuwait.

As the name implies, the Persian Gulf War was fought for control of the Persian Gulf. Most of the modern world runs on oil, and most of the world's oil comes comes out of the Persian Gulf on supertankers. Ergo, the Persian Gulf is a very important body of water which Iraq threatened to take control of in 1990, as Iraq had already done with the neighboring country of Kuwait. The main idea of the Persian Gulf War was to prevent Iraq from gaining a choke hold on the world's oil supply.

Persian Gulf countries used the oil industry to build prosperous economies. The Persian Gulf is located in Western Asia.

Bahrain is the only island-country in the Persian Gulf and it has discovered petroleum.

Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, and the UAE are all Persian Gulf countries with massive oil wealth.

Oil. Most of the world's oil is shipped through the Persian Gulf by supertanker to all parts of the world. Until the world eliminates its dependency on oil, or discovers a richer source elsewhere, the Persian Gulf will remain a very important piece of water.

This may refer to:Any of the Gulf of Mexico Oil spillsThe Gulf War oil spill.Any of the Persian Gulf oil spills.See related questions.

PETROLEUM has brought untold wealth to the Persian Gulf Region.

Just "oil tanker traffic" thru the Persian Gulf.

The main direct result of the Persian Gulf War of 1990-1991 was that Iraq was expelled from Kuwait and ceased to threaten oil exports from the Persian Gulf.

Saudi Arabia has the most oil at present.

All of the Gulf countries are "oil rich" -Possibly Saudi Arabia most.

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