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How large were army units in World War 2?

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Women's units of the army and navy during World War 2?

WAAC's (army) WAVES (navy)

Womens units of the army and navy during world war 2?


Did France have a army when Germans attacked in World War 2?

Yes, it had a large Army. This army was out-fought & then defeated by the German Army.

Did any German army units land on the UK mainland during World War 2?


What did Special Forces do in World War 2?

While elite units were in existence during the Second World War, the US Army Special Forces was not.

What part did FL play in World War 2?

It was a major training area for Army and Navy units

Did Mao affect the World War 2?

Yes, he commanded a large army in China.

How large was the German army during World War 2?

The size of the German army was other 25 million strong.

How did paratroopers in us army begin in World War 2?

WWII created the US Army's airborne units.

How can you find out where army units were at certain times during World War 1?

Contacting a unit historian will get you the best info.

How many army divisions did Britain have in world war 2?

32 not including ATS Womens units and Home Guard

Which general was given command of all US Army units in pacific during World War 2?

Douglas MacArthur .

Did you volunteer to join the army in world war 2?

In World War 2 the major countries took both volunteers and draftees. There were many volunteers, but men were also drafted to create the large armies necessary for such a large war.

How large was the Russian army during world war 2?

30,000,000 it is the largest military ever constructed

Give you an example of militarism during world war 1?

Having a large standing army and navy.

Is there a list of all army personnel who served in the Pacific Theater in World War 2?

As far as I know other then a list of every unit which served in the Pacific unit there would be no such list. To obtain a list of all units having credit for serving in the Pacific Theater would be a large task. There were many, many army units and sub units attached to specific divisions and air force units ( they,during WW2 were the US Army Air Force) with all their supporting units. Engineers Battalions, and so on. Far to numerous to list.

How do you find names of us army field artillery units fighting in New Guinea during World War 2?

Contact the US Army Military History Center

How large was belbiums army in world war 2?

Please clarify. Do you mean Belgium's army? I cannot find any country called Beblium.

Which country had the largest army during World War I?


Was the Assyrian army was the first large army to use iron weapons?

It was the most Significant Army in the Ancient World . It does use Iron Weapons as the First Army in the World. also invented the Wheels and used them in War. Swords and other Advanced weapons..

What did the draft show about the United States?

That the United States could raise and train an army quickly That the standing army was not large enough to fight a world war

How did the British army join world war 2?

The British army join world war 2 by their expirence.

What were the subordinate units to the xii corps of the us third army during world war 2?

I own a copy of the unit history of XII Corps, US Army during WW 2.

Who had the largest army in World War 2?

Largest Army in WW2The Soviet Union (USSR) had the largest army in World War 2, the Red Army. Then America, then Germany,

When did the Canadian Army enter World War 1?

The Canadian army entered the war in 1914 The Canadian army entered the war in 1914