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I will say that it's very likely to get pregnant because sperm are supposed to be very fast swimmers and by the time he withdrew some of them might be gone already. Don't forget that an ejaculations are supposed to have millions of sperm so the odds are one of them goes. And sperm can live up to 5 days and even 7 and you are only two days away.

It is very likely that you can get pregnant doing that!! The guy withdrew after 30 seconds and I was not even suppose to be ovulating and I am almost 2 months pregnant!! If you did not get pregnant, make him use protection next time!! It is for your safety too, because you can get pregnant and also have a chance of getting HIV or other serious STDs.

Thats very risky! you might be ovulating already when you had sex or chances are his sperm from his precum(if he already ejaculated before your had sex) will survive till your ovulations. Always use protection especially during your fertile times.

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Q: How likely is a pregnancy if he withdrew at the very very last second and you are due to ovulate in 2 days?
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