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From my experience, it is very likely. I have been seeing my narcisisst for 7 years now. During the past 2 years i suspected that things were just not right. He would not talk to me at night or weekends. I asked him if he had a girlfriend and he denied it. He would be extremely angry if he even thought i was seeing another man. His control over me restricted much of what I was doing in my life. But I finally decided to find out the true story about what was going on. I did a public records search and found where he lived (he told me he was living with his cousin in another town). So, I found his address and worse yet, I found out that he did not buy the house alone but with his WIFE! I suspected he was married but I never thought he would have done that to me. So, now I am the "other woman" when I had no idea he was married. He pulled this off for two years! I thought that all of his lies were to cover up his marriage but now, a few months later, I am back to believing he is a narcissist. He wants both lives...with her and me even though he insists he will "figure things out". He even managed to call me when he was on his honeymoon! Needless to say, this whole thing has crushed me. I am hurt beyond words. Now, I don't know what to think when he says anything. He lied so much that I doubt I could ever trust him. And he insists he knows the answers to everything. If i try to voice my opinion, he gets mad and then refuses to talk to me. and to make matters even worse, my only child was killed 10 days after I found out he was married. There is not much left of my heart ... or me....anymore. Kat I don't know about triple, but at least another life. They are controlling, ego maniacal, selfish and think they're better than everyone else. They are usually highly intelligent but unfortunately they don't put this to good use and use it against others. Narcissists can be great chameleons, but, they can't fool everyone all the time! It eventually leaks out. They have an air about them and it's their ego seeping through every pore of their body! Triple life Of course. How about this one? simultaneously: 1) married 16 years to an estranged mentally ill wife, while 2)Living with a college coed in a townhouse, while 3)Seeing another "lover" from work. This was before my time about six years ago but I interviewed each of these women. The girl at work dumped him after three months because he would not take her to his apartment (with the other girl), and refused to give her a phone number where he could be reached. The girl he was living with figured him out because he was never around on weekends (with the wife). She didn't know where he worked and high-tailed it out of state. The estranged wife lived in the poor side of town in a shack. She moved to another city, but he still visits every weekend and vacations with every year in Mexico. === === Check out this audio and transcript of a narcissist's double life. It's origins are in childhood and it's cures are in midlife after a crisis. A partner cannot personalize it; it happened long before you two met. You have to expose his double life and eradicate his secrets like "The Scarlet Letter" in order for him to cure himself. You guide him and he does the rest. He is weak and full of fear of failure and anxiety. He has to lean on you for support. If you love him, give him your endurance to support him. He does not believe in himself.

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Is a narcissist addicted to his partner?

Not likely. The narcissist is more likely to be addicted to himself.

Is a narcissist more likely to be a pedophile?


What is the difference between a narcissist and a psychopath?

The Defining characteristic of the narcissist is grandiosity. The narcissist is more likely to be attention seeking, envious and to desire admiration.The defining characteristic of the sociopath/psychopath is callousness. The sociopath/psychopath is more likely to engage in illegal activity, to be aggressive, impulsive and deceitful.

How do a narcissist and his father interact?

There is no single answer to your question. It is likely that they may clash.

How does a narcissist respond to the suicide of a child?

They would likely worry about how it effects them personally and what it is doing to them.

How likely is a Narcissist to use recreational drugs?

Drug and alcohol abuse is very common among people who suffer from depression and those who suffer from anxiety. I haven't seen evidence that narcissist are more likely than anyone else to use drugs. Or less may be part of their recreation

Can a person who does not love survive a narcissist?

most likely no because they wouldn't put up with him or her one second.

Who is the second leading character in lord of the flies?

Answer Jack is the most likely to second leading character.

Is a boy child whose mother deserted him and his father when the child was only 2 likely to be a narcissist?

They are more likely to become a narcissist, but there are also a variety of other disorders often associated with such a childhood. In effect, while a higher rate are likely to develope such a disorder, it remains to be seen exactly what disorder they will develope in such a gap of love. However, with proper care they can grow up to be a functioning adult.

Could a narcissist person be arrested or hospitalized for being harassing?

Quite likely. Narcissists are likely to be bullies if they don't get what they want. Chances are they could bully the wrong person. If they bully some dude with martial art experience they will most likely be hospitalized. If they bully someone who calls the police they will most likely be arrested. If they bully someone in a gang they might wake up with a few nasty knife wounds. Most narcissists do not know what a narcissist is!!

Why do narcissist come back?

Narcissists need to always be complimented; dramatize their lifestyle or indeavors;adored; admired, etc., and it's 'running out of supplies' for the narcissist when they want to come back to the partner they were with. This means the narcissist is not being supplied to boost his or her's ego and they know they can more than likely get the boost (like a drug addiction) from their former partner.

What is the difference between sociopath and narcissist men?

There are technical differences, but it is largely a matter of degree. Neither is likely to ever be a decent partner.

Will the narcissist leave his new girlfriend and return to ex wife?

No, but, he will likely dump the girlfriend in time and move on to another victim. Trust me.

What is an emasculated narcissist?

The two concepts are not often connected, but emasculated means deprived of masculinity (in literal terms that would mean castrated, although the term is more likely to be used metaphorically) and a narcissist is a person who is absorbed in self-love and does not care about other people. These are both unattractive personality traits, so an emasculated narcissist would be pretty bad.

You have been in communication with a narcissist woman She told you not to text her again and you have agreed not to Is she likely to get in contact with you again and if so how do you respond to it?

She probably will. If she does BLOCK & IGNORE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can a narcissist recover?

From everything I've read on the subject, it is not likely. They have deep emotional problems that they are not able to confront and you have to recognize that you have a problem before you can begin to solve it. If you are a narcissist, and believe that you are, seek professional help and try to work on things. If you are involved with a narcissist, the most important thing you can do is make sure you are not victimized because that is what happens. Have enough respect for yourself and faith in who you are to get out of any situation that is not healthy for you. That one certainly is not.

If a narcissist marries someone with Borderline Personality Disorder do they have a better chance of making the marriage work longterm?

In my humble opinion, they have no chance of any meaningful relationship because of the inability to love. This is a very difficult combination; the borderline will have a deep fear of rejection and so does the narcissist. The Narcissist is likely to lie and cheat which compounds the Borerlines fear of rejection, the lack of empathy from the narcissist replays the early injuries to the Borderline. There is a very good book. The Narcissistic/Borderline Couple - A Psychoanalytic Perspective on marital treatment.

How do you spell aeortia?

The likely word is "aorta" (the main artery leading from the heart).

What dos a narcissist do when he ends the relationship?

They leave without feeling anything. most likely they already have an auxiliary supply ready to tap in to (the next sucker). People are objects to a narcissist, so to them it is like buying a new cell phone and throwing the old one in a junk drawer and forgetting about it.

Which country is the leading manufacturer of automobiles?

Either America or Japan. Most Likely Japan.

Which group in Hawaii was most likely to have jobs in leading platations?

White's from the U.S. (AT&T)

After a breakup is a narcissist less likely to contact you if he or she believes you have figured them out?

If they know that you have figured them out, they will not want to be around you for fear that you will tell people the truth. What they really need is help for their problem.

Are Taurus men narcissist?

Some Taurus men are narcissists, some are not. Taurus men are neither more nor less likely to be narcissists, compared to other men.

Will a narcissist who just ended a 6-year relationship with you and has rebounded into another relationship immediately after you eventually treat his new woman the same way?

Almost certainly. ********** It most likely depends on whether or not the person in the new relationship is willing to feed his or her ego indefinitely. However, whenever the person "fails" the narcissist in his or her grandiose vision of how perfect and excellent their lives together are supposed to be, it's likely that that person will be totally devalued and discarded.

Which business practice would likely encourage ethical behavior?

Strong emphasis on leading by example