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There's a chance.

You should probably go see a doctor and/or get a pregnancy test.

Also, if you're not pregnant, you should consider carrying a condom/ start using the pill.

Assuming you're not trying to get pregnant ofcource.


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The length of time the penis was inside the girl is irrelevant. If ejaculation occurred around ovulation she could get pregnant.

It is certainly possible, but not anywhere as likely as if he had ejaculated.

Not likely, sweetie. The sperm has to go a lot deeper inside your body than that.

Yes, because sperm can come out before ejaculation. While it is less likely, there is still a chance that you can become pregnant if no other method of birth control was used.

It depends on how recently the guy ejaculated. If he hasnt urinated since the last time he ejaculated then it's much more likely

Yes you will most likely be pregnant as you read my answer now! One drop of Semen is enough to make a baby so you are pregnant. You should still take a test though.

There's always the chance you could, it depends on your specific cycle. More than likely you did not get pregnant.

It is HIGHLY unlikely, but I suppose by some odd chance it is possible. Most likely the chlorine in the hot tub would kill the sperm. But if he ejaculated inside your vagina while the two of you were in the hot tub then yes you can get pregnant.

The answer is: very unlikely. The sperm has most likely became unfertile the heat.

not likely, not unless you ejaculated and it went through the clothing in the vaginal area. because it is possible to get pregnant while menstruating.

No, there is no increased rate of miscarriage for women who are pregnant while taking birth control or who get pregnant after stopping birth control.

It's possible to get pregnant when using Essure, but it is not at all likely.

There is a 50% chance that you are pregnant if your fiancee and you had unprotected sex, you are not on birth control and he did not pull out. If this happened twice, it is 50% likely that you are pregnant but the only way you will know for sure is by taking a pregnancy test.

Congrats, you're preggo.Not very likely, but possible. You are least fertile during menstruation.

there is still a chance, you dont even have to have sex to get pregnant if sperm is released around the vagina. pre ejaculation contains high amounts of active sperm also.

If the guy on the 26th was wearing a condom, it is most likely not him. If he wasn't wearing a condom, he could have gotten you pregnant. Pre-cum (the clear stuff that comes out before ejaculation) can have traces of sperm in it, and that can make you pregnant. The guy that ejaculated outside the vagina: On those days the conditions were just right that the semen could have traveled into the vagina, and gotten you pregnant.

It depends. If you are regularly on birth control and just forgot it that day, it is not likely but it is very possible. If you are not regularly on birth control and took the pill the day after, then yes, you can be pregnant, since usually you have to be on the pill for 2-4 weeks before a man can ejaculate into a woman without the risk of getting her pregnant.

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