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depends on if he came or not and just because it rubbed on the outside of you doesnt mean that you couldn't get pregnant. all it takes is him coming and it touching your vagina

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It's not about the condom. The condom can come off completely, and there will be no pregnancy if no sperm entered the vagina. If there was semen in the condom when it slipped, there is no way to know whether or not some of it entered the woman.

Semen on the outside of the condom can cause pregnancy or shared STDs. Semen should only be released into the condom and then remove it carefully to avoid spilling into the vagina.

It is very unlikely. If no semen entered the vagina, there can be no pregnancy. A little slippage is fairly normal.

Condoms will protect you from pregnancy without birth control pills. However, the condom must be used properly. To ensure protection from pregnancy while only using condoms, you must be sure that the condom is the proper size, make sure that the condom outside of the condom does not come in contact with the male genitalia.

Do you mean withdrawal for round 1 and than put a condom on for round 2? If so, if the withdrawal method is performed correctly and the condom is on properly, yes. But it is best to just were a condom at all time.

A condom reduces the chance of a pregnancy; but a pregnancy is still possible. For example, the condom might break, or leak. If you suspect there is a pregnancy, you may want to do a pregnancy test.

The lubricant reduces the stress on the condom, which reduces the chance of breakage, which reduces the chance of pregnancy. It is important to have most, if not all, of the lubricant on the outside of the condom because you don't want it to slip off the penis during intercourse.

Yes, you can. The condom doesn't help if it breaks.

Yes it does. A spermicidal condom usually kills all sperm trapped inside the condom which prevents pregnancy.

When a condom comes off inside you, you need to remove the condom or go to your doctor or local family planning clinic so they can remove the condom for you. If you cant remove the condom yourself it will NOT come out on its own. Leaving a condom inside of you can cause a very serious vagina infection so get it removed professionally if you cant do it yourself. Also because the condom came off there is a chance sperm escaped from the condom and entered your vagina. If this is the case then there is also a risk of pregnancy. Take a morning after pill. If you are on birth control pills, dont worry about pregnancy because you are protected against it.

no! congratulations you won't be celebrating fathers day for a long time yet source: What are the chances of pregnancy if you used a standard latex condom without spermicide but after ejaculating into the condom you kept going for about two minutes but there were no holes or sliding

No pregnancy and no STDs.

Any type of hole in a condom can cause a pregnancy. It is always a good idea to check before using.

There is always a chance that pregnancy can occur if the condom broke. Sorry. There is sperm in the liquid that comes out while having sex. So, yes if the condom broke there is a chance of pregnancy, but not from the previous ejaculation Unless of course you are using the same condom which you should never use a condom twice.

depo pill condom-male condom- female nuva ring abstinence

You cannot get pregnant using a condom unless the condom broke or had tiny holes in it or was taken off unproperly.

ANSWERIf you are using high quality condom and if condom was not broken during sex - chances for pregnancy are almost 0%.

Yes. If the holes in the condom allowed sperm cells into the vagina, then pregnancy is a possibility.

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